26 October 2007

KingCast says Defendant Ayotte is in another per se violation of RSA 91-A on 2006 Right-to-Know Report, and Gregory Floyd is a 3-time Felon!!!

26 October 2007

Dear Attorney Ayotte:

This blawg entry, coupled with the one of 15 October and the reminder of 22 October is being sent via tracked U.S. Mail to you at your official address where I am informed that the Sheriff effectuated 17 October 2007 Service on you for Grafton County Case No. 07-E-268, KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al.

As you have not responded to my initial query, sent via email as all of my others are, I am led to believe that there is no 2006 report, which would make your office in violation of RSA 91-A: 11 et seq. as explained in this post, which also has some cool YouTube motocross clips.

If I am incorrect in my belief please notify me via Certified or otherwise Tracked U.S. Mail immediately, as I strive for accuracy in all of these endeavors. I know my friend, Nashua Alderman Fred Teeboom can't find it yet either because I asked him for it a while back. Please read the comments for my last email to him on it.

Speaking of accuracy, it is accurate to say that Judge Cyr's signature on the attached Department of Safety document #77 denotes that Gregory W. Floyd is a three (3) time felon, correct? You might want to read my 23 October open letter to Attorney Modigliani, which I am also mailing today.

As I mention in this post, did you at any time consider referring Mr. Floyd to the ATF or U.S. Attorney's office for an 18 U.S.C. 922 (g)(1) violation, given that he admitted during the Franconia investigation that there is at least one firearm in his house, and given that you know he lied during the Franconia investigation? Please note that this information and more was requested in this RSA 91-A request on 22 October.

Among other things, he lied not only about his military background, he lied about whether he spoke to Liko before shooting, and he lied about whether Caleb Macaulay's window was open when he shot through it.
"Oh, yah the window was open,"

the liar said.
See that's important Kelly because what with Liko still seatbelted (and pretty much blinded) when Floyd shot him, it's all the less likely that Liko constituted any threat to Floyd, because he would have had to shoot past Caleb's head and through the closed window to shoot at Floyd.

You ran a tainted investigation and you know it.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.

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Christopher King said...

Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 07:45:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: Right-to-Know 2006 Report.
To: [not sure if this email addy is public]

Hi Fred, were you able to locate it.

They haven't said "Boo!" to me since I issued my RSA 91-A Request for it and they are tardy. If they responded on Monday, which I believe was day 5 I should have had it in the mail by yesterday.

Read this:


22 October 2007
KingCast reminds Defendant Ayotte her response is tardy on the last RSA-91A Right-to-Know request on the 2006 Right-to-Know Commission Annual Report.

Christopher King said...

Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 14:40:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com Subject: Re: A Homeland Security RSA-91A info request of Attorney Ayotte

She has a designee or herself on the commission and is sworn to uphold the Right-to-Know laws as the chief law enforcement officer of the State. I have researched this matter extensively.

So she does have something to do with the report.


Anonymous said...

Chris, I'm confused about Floyd and his brushes with LE in NH. At one point in time I thought Floyd was brought up on charges of being a felon in possession of firearms in NH. I thought he got off on a technicality where the felony conviction in GA was not considered a felony in NH at the time it was committed. At that time, all we knew about was the PCP and pot drug sale convictions in GA (2 counts, both guilty pleas). Now we have the "imacculate extraction" of the Virgin Mary felony conviction by guilty plea. That's 3 felony convictions by my count. Were all 3 misdemeaners in NH at the time the acts were committed? What gives? It seems Floyd slipped by mistake or he had a damn good lawyer. How the hell did he get into the military? What makes this guy the "teflon don" of Franconia? Seems like nothing sticks (except ugly).

Anonymous said...

A follow up to my last post @8:49.

Based upon the scan of Bruno's July 23 97 request for arrest warrant, it appears all he had was info on the immaculate extraction and not the drug convictions? If so, is this the charge that got deamed a misdemeaner in NH that got Floyd off? I ask because PCP sale would seem to me to be a felony in NH at the time as well. Its classified the same type of controlled drug as heroine and cocaine. Convictions for selling of both these in NH seems to me would have risen to felony level even back then. I'm really questioning what went on back in 97 and how he got off...then fast forward to 2007 and same thing. Luckiest man alive or...?

Christopher King said...

Oh it gets really odd because I have another scan I'm about to run for you that indicates Judge Cyr chose to go with the drug conviction, from Bruno's report of the same day, 23 July 1600 hours.

Here it is. I could read a bit under the blackened out/redaction at the DOS but anyone can make out the letters "[th]eft" in the 3rd line from the time.

Then it reads "Judge Cyr stated that the drug conviction was all that was needeed and that it was clear it was a Felony Conviction."

Then it goes into a discussion of how "Felony records can be missed, as must have happened in Massachusetts, where it was apparent FLOYD had a firearms ID card.

Both Warrants were signed by Judge Cyr."

KingCast asks "Both" warrants???

Christopher King said...

Here's a Good One.

Remember the post about State Rep. Martha McLeod (married to Town Selectman Rich McLeod, of course) getting cozy with Kelly and Floyd?

Read this email from it.

Oh, yeah, they were all worried about his safety, if that's not the complete reversal of reality I don't know what is.