15 October 2007

KingCast Right-to-Know reminders for NH AG Kelly Ayotte and State Police Attorney Marta Modigliani, Esq. on Franconia shooting tragedy.

Dear Attorney Ayotte:
It appears that there is no 2006 Right-to-Know report. Please provide a copy of one, or if it is actually linked online, please provide a link to it because the link you provided on prior occasion did not include any 2006 report. Look here.

And you and Attorney Modigliani take time to watch the KingCast short film, "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts" to understand what the courtroom observers will be feeling at oral argument.

Dear Attorney Modigliani: You as counsel for the State Police Director wrote me on 17 Sept. 2007 in response to my request dated 4 September for information regarding "a complaint and investigation of Gregory W. Floyd for some extremely heinous (you left that out in your return letter to me so I put it back in so the World can see) comments and actions over at Lafayette Elementary School," and "any other situations involving Mr. Floyd." See this post.

You wrote that it would "take at least 30 days from the date of this letter to make this determination" (on what information you would give KingCast).

I didn't bother you over the fact that your response was not timely per RSA 91-A (you were at least 7 days late responding) but now that 29 days have passed I must respectfully ask what your intentions are in this matter. I'm tempted to print exactly what's in that Affidavit I filed in Grafton Case No. 07-E-268 about how Floyd threatened an innocent woman's life in no uncertain terms, but I told her I wouldn't do that. But you know what it is so you know why I want that information, especially because Easton Police Chief Robert Every noted that State Police inquired of him about the issue, as noted in his Affidavit,
"Irrationally abusive to the point the administration was concerned that he might return and do something."

See this post and the AG Ayotte/Shooter Floyd Love Fest post.


Christopher King said...

Attorney Modigliani and I had a pleasant chat this afternoon and I look forward to her return call to schedule a time to review the files.


Lifer said...


I am VERY interested in what you find out. I would ask why they could not have agreed to this 3 weeks ago, but I know the answer. Again, thanks.

Christopher King said...

It sure will be interesting.

Will keep you posted and see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Chris - tell me - do we have the right to know if knowing will affect the outcome of a criminal investigation?

Anonymous said...

8:31 Isn't that newspeak for put your "head in the sand?"

Right to know suffers from dual aplicatons, RTK in NH means something much diferent than just an appeal to disclosure. However,
the court has already ruled that it will NOT seal info that most definatly will result in a criminal investigation.

Christopher King said...

Oh, no everything is pretty much open game here. The investigation was closed a long time ago, pretty much on 11 or 12 May, 2007.

But here's a good update on things, including links to what I recovered at the Dep't of Safety from Attorney Modigliani.

Floyd is a 3 time felon. Did you know that? Not many people did, but then that's the way Kelly wanted it.

There's more to come.