15 October 2007

KingCast resolves another RSA 91-A Right-to-Know issue without litigation in Nashua Schools.

This is how KingCast did it earlier this year, and this is how we're doing it right now with regard to the Franconia shooting tragedy that left Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay dead, and a dangerous, threatening man named Gregory W. Floyd on the loose. Anyway, yeah, there I am with the high-top fade in 1991 during law school, talking with kids about the value of education as leader of the Education Coalition. I meant it then and I still mean it.

That's why when one of my co-workers had this problem with his kindergarden-age child being sent home from field trips instead of being placed in an alternative class, up comes the red flags and out went the email to Board Member Dennis Hogan and school administration.

Read the comments section to see what happened at Ledge Street School this morning :)

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Christopher King said...

Mr. Westcott told me after I sent a certain KingCast email to Board member Dennis Hogan, Esq. and the school administration that they cornered him this morning:

"What do you want to do with this?"

"I just want an answer to what the policy is."

"Well he's in Kindergarden so there's no compulsory attendence."

"OK but I want him in an alternative class if his mother and I can't make it while we work on his occasional behavioral issues."

"Oh, OK we'll make sure that it happens."

"Thank you."