11 October 2007

KingCast reminds everyone to watch the video of former NH AAG and Franconia town counsel Dan Mullen explain missing Liko Kenney arrest files.

Oh yeah, the Arrest and Use-of-Force Reports are still Missing in Action, and there is absolutely no lawful excuse for it. I want to see Attorney Mullen explain why that does not constitute a violation of RSA 91-A Right-to-Know laws. Watch him stammer around this issue in the official WMUR video. And we have the means and duly-licensed counsel to take this issue all the way to the United States Supreme Court as Grafton Superior 07-E-268 unfolds.

And we will, because I am tired of the bullshit.

Also listen to the part of the video where Attorney Chapman (whom I copy on every email) is represented to continue to go after additional files that will help the public assess the actions of the police.

But I have not heard back from him nor have I seen or heard of any additional filing from Orr & Reno.

Read this for now.


Christopher King said...

The government had a Plan.

The Plan was to run everything underground and to silence opposition and there has been substantial overt and tacit media assistance toward that Plan.

We at the Franconia Collective and KingCast fly in the face of that convention with the actual facts.


Anonymous said...

Franconia selectboard is a joke. No one is defending them publically and I'm sure they've been told to maintain a low profile...such a sham...err shame.

Glad to see Harwood is making noise, why is that not news?

McGrath did an article on Tasers in the Courier this week. I really hope Franconia gets them. We could hold a raffle to see who gets to taser Montminy since each officer has to be tasered in order to carry the weapon. Damn fine fundraiser right there!

Meanwhile Floyd is following the selectboard's lead. He's holed up at the compound while mom and Jr were spotted this morning at Bob's getting the Shootermobile up to snuff with new brakes and rotors.

And the beat keeps on. CK, let's kick some ass.

Christopher King said...

If you kick ass in the forest does anybody hear?

THAT is the question, both in 2003 and now, I suppose with the dearth of major media coverage of the lawsuit after months of coverage about how important it is to get to the Truth.

And the Truth on 5/11 is all about that first bullet hole to the windshield and the fact that Floyd was not unarmed when Liko's car struck McKay, as Defendant Ayotte falsely claimed at p. 42 of her official report.

It's All Good though, I set 20/20's Andy Paparella straight about some crucial things yesterday; definitely opened his eyes a bit to what's going down.

Eventually (sooner than later, actually) there will be some court hearings and a record will be established and the case will march onward; really can't continue to be ignored.

Key thing is to keep the communication open with the Collective and others up North so we can pack that courthouse for every hearing. The haters will be there and we need to be there, too.

With cameras in tow, which is the Law of the Land, at least according to Hillborough Superior Chief Justice Robert Lynn. Watch him say so in the KingCast/Justiceforkids short film, "Advocacy in Action: Then and Now."