22 October 2007

KingCast reminds Defendant Ayotte her response is tardy on the last RSA-91A Right-to-Know request on the 2006 Right-to-Know Commission Annual Report.

It could be in the mail, I don't know. What I do know is that when you read this post from 15 October when I reminded Attorneys Ayotte and Modigliani about pending information requests, the latter counsel immediately provided me the sought information. Which in turn set up this rather ugly RSA 91-A request for today, involving Gregory W. Floyd's felonious background that sailed right past the U.S. Military, Defendant Ayotte and numerous regulatory agencies who perform gun permitting in NH and MA.


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Christopher King said...

In these pictures, I'm all frowned up and Kelly is smiling.

In the Deposition pictures look for both of us to be all frowned up. Me from my contempt of her for this bogus investigation, and her for having to face the music.