12 October 2007

KingCast presents: The Kelly Ayotte cover ups on the Romney/NYTimes reporter Mark Leibovich "investigation" and missing Liko Kenney arrest reports.

In the last post we showed you that ridiculous video of former AAG and current town Attorney Dan Mullen trying to explain how Bruce McKay's Use-of-Force and Arrest reports for his 2003 beat-down of Liko Kenney disappeared. This is particularly puzzling because McKay said in 2003 that there was going to be a citizen complaint; now everything is just Gone Daddy Gone. That's why KingCast filed the Right-to-Know lawsuit, KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al., 07-E-268.

Fast forward to NYTimes reporter Leibovich:
In a June 16 article, Leibovich wrote that while following Romney's SUV, he was "led to the shoulder and instructed to 'veer off' by a man wearing an ear piece who emerged from Mr. Romney's car." Leibovich said he was told, "We ran your license plate," and that no one was permitted to follow Romney's vehicle.

The staffer was Jay Garrity, who since has resigned from the campaign. He still is being investigated on allegations of impersonating a police officer in Massachusetts.

Question is, why did Leibovich refuse to cooperate in the investigation? If somebody did that to me I would have taken them to the mat on it. If Romney's crew actually ran the plate they had no business doing so, and if they didn't run the plate -- which is what Kelly's "investigation" revealed as noted in the government's own website, how in the hell can she exonerate someone who threatens a reporter like that under the colour of State Authority. Why wasn't he charged with impersonating an officer? Just a favor for her Republican buddy because if Oliver or I said that to someone you know Kelly would have us indicted for something, you bet. We're not Republican toadies. She already had her run at me for something ridiculous when I was Southern NH NAACP Legal Chair, which was dismissed without plea.

On Wednesday Kelly -- once again -- saw no evil on the part of the Big Man and cleared Garrity, natch.

Read these comments from a concerend Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation member.


Anonymous said...

I saw the headline on Hardball with CM, it got no coverage but the scroll on the bottom of the screen. Despite his aide's activities, I think Romney's ideas to double the size of Guantanomo and to Make war with Iran need to be strongly opposed. I would encourage all Americans to heed Paul's warnings about this. Does anyone know if Thompson violated Federal election law in his fundraising? would it matter?

Anonymous said...

Ayotte, hmmmm...I haven't seen anyone so morally bankrupt in....well since me...

Christopher King said...

Kelly is not a crook....

Anonymous said...

the train stops here at the iran thing. don't think we can stomach much more war.
voted for bush - thought i was doin' the right thing (ha!). well, still better than kerry the ketchup keeper, or wild coyote dean...just slightly.
lots of "exceptions" you've got going there in NH. guess garrity gets to ride on.
no more war - no more doin' the wrong ting - no more foro.

Christopher King said...

Ahhh, the choices we have for leaders....

Christopher King said...

Romney aide is cited by police

By Raphael Lewis, Globe Staff, 3/24/2004

The aide responsible for making sure Governor Mitt Romney has flawless public events has been cited by Boston police for driving a black Crown Victoria decked out with flashing lights, having a billy club, and identification showing a State Police patch that reads "Official Business."

Jay Garrity, who choreographs virtually all of the governor's events, was also cited for failing to have his Ford inspected, and for having windows that are more deeply tinted than permitted under state law, according to a police report released yesterday.

Shawn Feddeman, spokeswoman for Romney, said the governor was not pleased.

"The governor expects all members of his staff to comply with the law," she said.

Feddeman added that Garrity, who formerly worked as a security consultant as well as with the federal government, has paid his citations, which cost "hundreds of dollars." She said he is removing the equipment.

"Because of a prior job he had with the federal government, he had a federal permit for that equipment in his car, but in Massachusetts you're required to have a state permit or get rid of the equipment," Feddeman said. "He never used the equipment in Massachusetts. . . . He's in the process of getting the lights removed and making sure the car is in compliance."

Police found Garrity's car illegally parked at around 4 a.m. on St. Patrick's Day in the North End -- with the keys in the ignition, the report said. Police said they discovered equipment that is off limits to civilians without a special state permit.

According to the police report, Garrity's car had red and blue lights mounted in the grill, a siren and PA system, strobe lights, and a baton "with the state seal of Connecticut," the report said.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we go after the use of force reports from the other officers there that night?

There is no doubt in my mind they will make Mckay look like a liar and abuser and this is why he went lenient in court against Liko.

They should also show why McKay's report is missing and bring up questions as to why a lying Mckay was still allowed to act in court as Liko's prosecutor.

Christopher King said...

Why don't we go after the use of force reports from the other officers there that night?

A brilliant idea, actually. I have read one report in the investigative files but need to clarify if that is a Use of Force Report or not.

Will clarify by asking for

1. Police Reports for others.

2. Use of Force Reports for others.

Ball and Cox I believe their names are.

And of course you know Judge Cyr ruled those Fox Hill Park arrests Unconstiutional.


State v. Nathan Wright 03-CR-109

State v. William Miller 03-CR-012, 013, 029

State v. Kenney 03-CR-197

Liko's drug charges were nol-prosecuted as well, after Attorney Jamie Brooks files his Motion to Suppress.

Which goes to show that the basis for Bruce McKay's affirmative statement to Liko Kenney "You're in a suspicious place at a suspicious time" was unsubstantiated.