09 October 2007

KingCast presents: For Maura Murray.

May we not forget the issue of the apparently bloody knife that NH AAG and Homicide Chief Jeffery Strelzin allegedly ignored, as referenced in Reporter Maribeth Conway's feature piece.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris King for posting about Maura Murray reward. Even the smallest peice of information could help find what happened to Maura on that cold February night. I am Anne on Maura Murry forum and I appreciate all you are doing to help all the citizens of the area. in the discovery of the truth. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Posterity: you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it.
John Quincy Adams

He'd be proud of you Chris.

Anonymous said...

maura will never be forgotten - frightening, bizarre circumstances around her disappearance. kind concern to her family....

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris for posting this. We appreciate any help readers can give us in printing and posting this anywhere. We ask all area businesses and residents who read this to help put up posters. The more eyes that see this, the better our chances are for answers.
If it were your daughter, what would you want done?
For the whole world to stop and help. Please, and thank you.

Christopher King said...

Hey thanks for the kudos.

There is just something not right about Maura's investigation just as there is something not right about Liko's investigation.

In Liko's case we have more published facts on which we can base our opinion, but it is my hope that the more people see others speaking up on Liko's case it may cause someone to come forward on Maura's case if they know anything.

A young man at work whose mother lives in North Country told him on the phone yesterday she can't take sides on Liko's case because she sees McKay's people and Liko's people all the time, but that in the end it is good to open things up out there because "the law is different when you cross into the Notch."

As far as speaking up, if my mole at the AG's office is correct as noted in this post, watch for the comments of somebody truly involved in Franconia politics to issue forth because those comments are something worth framing.

And when presented at oral argument in Liko's case, the Court will have to take note.

See you there.

Anonymous said...

What law school did you go to? I want to make sure I don't go there. Not all of us from the north country think we need your help. I hope you got your facts right or you will look like a fool. Stop comparing Maura to Liko. They have nothing to do with each other. The truth will be found about Maura. The truth is already out about Liko.

Christopher King said...

I went to Case Western Reserve University and I have my facts straight, you bet.

I'm more than happy to give you a voice for your commentary, unlike the major media, which silences anything in opposition to the agenda of the State.

Have a nice day, and come on over to the Oral argument where we will have an open discussion about the facts :)

Christopher King said...

To 9:13

Also, unless you are connected with the Maura Murray folks you're not the one to criticize me because they have spoken, as noted in this post.

Also, my law school education (Case is in the top 50 in most annual reviews) did allow me to place second in the entire midwest region for moot court, and did grant me the skills to have the two cops who put their hands on my client found to perpetrate a crime against him in the Ohio Court of Claims, over the objection and appeal of my former boss, Bloody Betty Attorney General.

Ohio Crime Victims Case no. V1996-61481 is linked here.

Lastly, what facts about Liko are you talking about? The fact that McKay bashed his car with unnecessary force and maced him and Caleb (who should have been asked to evacuate) without command or directive whatsoever?

A Jamaican brother told me the other day his brother, a 15 year veteran in Boston, told him "you do that to me and I'll shoot you again and again and again....."

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

9:13 no offense need be given, but the North country needs a lot of help. You say the truth will be found about Maura... could you please enlighten us about what you know? If you can't tell us exactly what happened why are you so quick to deny others their imperative to help? by the way your facts are wrong, but I would be very interested if you could tell us all the truth about Maura since we all now know the truth about Liko as you claim. also their seems to be an inevitability in your statement... how long have you had this feeling? We hope the truth will be found... do you?

Anonymous said...

If you think there is no connection between cases up there...you need a road map. Why is it so hard to ignore the basic facts in both cases? With Maura we have yet to know why LE lied to the community, and with Liko we have yet to know why LE lied to the community.

Christopher King said...

Meanwhile a member of the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee has stepped forward.

Here's what he says.

Anonymous said...

Another police cover up from the North Country. Unbeliveable. Ashamed. Why are the police so determined not to help with this case. It is ludacris. This poor family just wants some help and compassion. Help them I say . Why do they have to fight for anything in this matter . Haven't they had enough. Somehow I found this site tonite on my space and I have been checkin it out. I can't belive they have possible evidence. I say they need to do tier job and obligated to the family to follow whatever leads . No matter what . I understand if the knife can't be used in a court of law but come on test it . Stop stalling about your bothced up investigation and help instead of hindering .

Christopher King said...

Yes indeed it is absurd.

Shoot me an email if you want more information.



Anonymous said...

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