19 October 2007

KingCast, Judge Cyr and NH AG Kelly Ayotte married at the hip with State Police document #64

Lucy, we've got some 'splainin' to do:

July 23, 1997 -- 1600 hours.

"On the above date and time this writer presented the Arrest Warrant and Search Warrant to Judge CYR as his office in Littleton. This writer did show Judge CYR the actual certified copies from Ware County Georgia. We did discuss the second [blacked out but I read the original and it refers to the arrest and conviction for theft by taking]. Judge CYR stated that the drug conviction was all that was needed and that it was clear it was a felony conviction. It was also discussed how Felony records may be missed by Police Departments. I did explain that this did appear to be the case in Massachusetts, where it was apparent FLOYD had a firearms ID card. Both warrants were signed by Judge CYR."

TFC Robert E. Bruno.
August 11, 1997

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