15 October 2007

KingCast hops back to the Revere shooting of Officer Daniel Talbot.

From the Northeastshooters blog.

"I've got friends in Revere...the mumblings I'm hearing are drug deal gone bad. Certainly fits with the bizarre "facts" of the case, if you actually take the time to apply common sense and not blind allegiance to them, that is. Not trying to dirty the man's rep, but it's pretty obvious this is not as cut and dry as the powers that be are trying to make it seem. Wake up, cops are people too, capable of being every bit the scumbag as those they are supposed to be policing.

It will be interesting too see the reaction around here if this DOES prove to be a dirty deal."

I'm not going that far at all. The KingCast response is in the comments; here is my last post.


Christopher King said...

I'm not even saying that. I really wait until I do intensive investigation and read files before I assert anything. While we are waiting for files to come out on this case, take a look at the ongoing investigation on the guy who killed Liko Kenney, between the State Police Attorney and me today. That Floyd guy who killed Liko BTW is a PCP convict who threatened the life of an innocent woman at his son's school in no uncertain terms but that didn't appear to be investigated in the AG's file but it is referenced in the State police file from the Affidavit of a Easton Police Chief Robert Every.

I know this because I have the victims Affidavit and have submitted it in the Right-to-Know lawsuit. They even built a new back door to the building after that and installed emergency buttons and told these women not to work at the school alone that summer.

*******link appears in original source.

Yeah, some of the locals and me will show you from 25 yards what we think of NH AG Kelly Ayotte's enforcement of the New Hampshire Right-to-Know Laws;

********link appears in original source.

....the object was not to hit her signature. We did pretty good for a coupla' AK's and a 44 Magnum with target rounds. That thing is a BEAST :)

Christopher King said...

Hello KingCast,

I just wanted to say that I share your views regarding this Revere Officer incident, as well as the Franconia Officer incident, and I suspect others as well. You identified your self as anti-bad cop. I can identify with that as well, however I would take it one step further and say that I'm pretty much just a full blown cop hater. The reason being is not out of a respect for the law, (I have never been in trouble with the law) or an authority problem (I spent 6 successful years in the US Navy without any problems). The reason is because I feel that today, we have more bad cops out there then good cops. I feel they are all just varying degrees of bad, some worse than others, but they are all rule/law benders and breakers and have NO regard whatsoever for the US Constitution. I personally had my 4th amendment rights violated for speeding this summer (cop searched my car without consent, warrant, or probable cause). I even asked the officer what probable cause he established to search my vehicle w/o my consent and he responded that he didn't have any. So I called his station commander and told him of the violation and he assured me he would look into it. He called me back a week later and said that he supported the trooper's illegal search (go figure). I went to fight the ticket based on the illegal search and the court magistrate was an ass and blew me off. Anyway, I digress. The reason I am writing you is to tell you that you are wasting your time posting on this board. I have never seen a bigger group of ignorant, misinformed, hipocritical, boot licking morons as you will find on this site. That's why I don't post here, just sell shit and read. Expect all of your threads/posts to get locked deleted.

I appreciate your point of view and I commend your efforts to expose the truth about these fucking cops who ALL think they are above the law.

That Revere cop went behind that school looking for trouble that night. And guess what, he got the bonus plan.

Take care, and thanks again,