10 October 2007

KingCast finds that Officer Talbot, others may have been drinking prior to Revere school yard shooting at 2 a.m.

Update: Judge seals search warrants as Boston Herald reports; many comments posted here.

Part one of my research is here. Part two involves another online account by WBZTV that I somehow missed that notes that drinking was involved on the part of the deceased officer, who had just qualified at the shooting range and went to Margaritas for a few drinks before socializing with his fiancee and friends in 1am behind the school where he ultimately died. No published information has been seen as to whether drugs or alcohol were involved in the shooting by any of the persons involved.

Some interesting commentary in a Boston Herald chat forum.

According to Police One Don't expect to hear anything else right now -- read the comments section to see why. But what I want to know is how is it that Officer Talbot's friends didn't manage to drop at least one of the suspects during the shootout? Perhaps it all happened in a rush and once the officer was struck they tended to him, I don't know. What I do know is this is setting up to be one fascinating case, and I send my prayers out to his family, just as I sent them out to the families of Michael Briggs and Bruce McKay.


Christopher King said...

"We know who Officer Talbot was with," [Suffolk D.A.] Conley said. "We've interviewed them, and more interviews need to take place tonight."

Conley would not say whether Talbot was on duty at the time or why he was at the high school parking lot at that hour.

"Because of the very sensitive nature of this investigation and because it remains very active, we cannot discuss the details and findings we have reached at this point," he said.

"At this stage, it's necessary for me to withhold much of what we have learned up to this point to maintain the integrity of this investigation."

Christopher King said...

From the Boston Herald interactive:

Kurt Stephens
Something is very fishy here. First of all, Cops are just thugs turned sideways. What the hell were they doing behind a school at that time in the morning? If it was a gang related stakeout, then what was his girfriend doing there anyways? Cops never tell the truth and they will just cover it up with a million dollar life insurance to boot. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark and unfortunately we'll never know what any of these thugs (whether street or state) were up to.

#21444 - Oct 1, 2007 7:33 PM EDT
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Within two days after the fire in Roslindale, we knew everything from, how the fire started, and what company did the last inspection of the kitchen hood, to who made the 911 call and how the roof fell in. In the same time frame for this incedent, a police officer's murder, a policeman in the company of his fellow officers and his fiancee, and not one interview with any of the witnesses, not one description of the perpetrator, not one mention of a "bounty" for information leading to the apprehension and concivtion of the responsible party. The silence is deafening. As to the ballpark being across the street from the restaurant, the "street" is a four lane divided highway with a gaurdrail in the middle. The Ballpark, is not accesible from that road, because the ballpark is currently a construction site for a new building where the soccer field used to be, the rest of the park has no grass, it's covered with dirt and mud, and is at least 100 yards or more to get to the high school. I don't see a group of adult men, leaving their cars at the restaurant, crossing the highway, climbing a fence, walking in the mud for 100 yards, with an adult woman in tow, just to hang out behind the school, doesn't make sense to me. Even if they drove there, it's pointless. I hope no one forgot the cannolis.

Christopher King said...

So, Let me get this straight. So far what I am being told is that a group of Revere Police Officers went to the shooting range,left there, went for drinks at Margaritas where one of them argued with someone,left there, went to hang behind the high school,(what are they 14? Not one of them had a home to hang in?) While they were there a group of young males approached them and was able to shoot Officer Talbot in the forehead, and escape in a hail of gunfire from the officers present. Not one officer pursued them, and no one can tell us what they looked like because it was too dark, but not dark enough to hit Officer Talbot. The RPD should get the shooter and have him train the RPD because apparently this piece of garbage can shoot straight. My heart goes out to Officer Talbot. God rest his soul. My sympathies are with his loved ones. This story, however, is unbelievable.
#21470 - Oct 1, 2007 8:36 PM EDT
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I believe we should all be mourning the death of Officer Talbot as a human being whose life has been terminated at such an early age and with so much to look forward to in the future. R.I.P. officer Talbot. Regarding the details of the event, well, I have to be honest and say that they don’t make sense at all. I ponder what he and his fiancée (along with three other officers were doing behind Revere high…. I wonder because I personal experience with the Revere police force and though I KNOW they like to “get their drink on” at Margarita’s, I have never heard that they like to hang out in back alleys or high schools afterwards…. I don’t want to be inflammatory because I have deep sympathy for the victim, his fiancée, his family, and all those who knew him personally. I am saddened that this event could occur at all. Whoever is responsible will get what is coming; this is inevitable (even if it is a fellow police officer). Peace, Out.

#23054 - Oct 3, 2007 11:18 PM EDT
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Christopher King said...

In the Revere Journal I posted the message below, let's see if they print it or not because they are calling anyone who thinks the case is fishy a "conspiracy theorist."


How in the heck do all of these officers not drop one of these assailants?

What were the police doing hanging out behind a school at 1:30 in the morning?

After drinking at Margaritas?

My first impression of this is that he may have been a great man and a great officer but there is something fishy about this case. Read the Herald comments posted in my blawg comments section and linked therein:


And I know plenty about fishy cases — including the Franconia shootings — as a former reporter and former Assistant Attorney General:


We shall see.

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