16 October 2007

KingCast asks: Whatever happened to the GraniteGrok v. Belknap County Convention RSA 91-A Right-to-Know lawsuit?

That's Liko Kenney's friend Oliver Ruff, captured on video with me in Governor Lynch's chambers during the filming of our short movie "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts." Watch the administrative aide administer a look of contempt at us, even as we politely ask for a fact finding initiative with the Governor into what the people in Franconia are really feeling about the shooting tragedy that left Liko and Bruce McKay dead and a dangerous, threatening man named Gregory W. Floyd on the loose.

We haven't heard "Boo!" back.

According to this July 2007 post a lawsuit was filed by the owner of GraniteGrok and former Laconia Mayor Tom Tardif. I see a lot of Laconia hits on my blawg and I wouldn't be surprised if they are coming from these blokes, watching the KingCast litigation linked herein. Like the Franconia Collective (read our press release), they ask:
Now, we wait... Will the NH peoples' right to an open government be upheld... or eroded?

Meanwhile, I've got some studying to do on their case. It's fun being a student of life, and of the First Amedment, because as noted in this Wendell Phillips, Esq. post, Eternal Vigilance is indeed the Price of Liberty.


Lifer said...

Two statements from their complaint echo Franconia 5/11:

"As expected, our elected representatives vigorously defended their actions instead of simply dropping back and doing the right thing in compliance with the law. You know-- default in the direction of openness. Instead, it's time to circle the wagons..."

"The problem, your Honor, is that our lawmakers have now become lawbreakers.
That is why we have come before this honorable court today. We are asking the court to undo the wrong that has been done against the concept of open, representative government."

And the beat goes on...

Christopher King said...

Isn't that something?

We are on to something much bigger than meets the eye, as we STILL wait for the major media to pick up what we're putting down.

Waiting one.

Waiting two.


Anonymous said...

"we STILL wait for the major media to pick up what we're putting down."

Likewise. We have offered the package of docs to the Union Leader on our cases and they've expressed zero interest.

Anonymous said...

Good. The Union leader AKA the misleader bought hook line and sinker what the AG said. Check out the Editor's video editorial from way back. To bad her report came before the autopsy was done. talk about swimmin with tha fishes. me thinks the AG and the media are thick as thieves.

Christopher King said...

Likewise. We have offered the package of docs to the Union Leader on our cases and they've expressed zero interest.

Doug you may not know I was an editor of a statewide black-owned paper in Ohio (Call & Post Cincinnati branch) and a reporter at the Indianapolis Star, so I know how this BS happens.

We'll rap offline about things. Did you have the Oral Argument before the Supremes yet?

At work and have not had time to read your update link.

Your Brother-in-Arms (which reinforces the power of the First Amendment because I'm sure we politically disagree on tons of things)


PS: Not only are some of the media players and the AG's office thick as thieves, they have stolen the power of the First Amendment from the people.

It's up to people like us to take it back.

Christopher King said...

Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 15:01:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: Major press in NH just doesn't care about Right-to-Know.
To: "Paparella, Andrew" Andrew.Paparella@abc.com Kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
CC: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

These people have a legitimate case and are in total agreement and support and have found that their issues fall on deaf ears. They are politically polar opposites with me in large part, which makes our point all the more important.

You challenge government in NH and the major press just folks like yesterday's paper.

I'm hoping 20/20 will do better than that; read the comments section to see what Granitegrok wrote to me.........