06 October 2007

KingCast asks: "What in the hell is going on at Gallaudet University?"

Hate crimes need to be vigorously punished because they are a distinct class of crime independent of assault. At first blush in this case (WUSA 9 coverage) it would appear that holding a deaf man down for an hour and scrawling "KKK" on him would constitute a hate crime and it matters not that one of the perpetrators is black. I had a judge in Ohio (David E. Cain) erroneously tell me in a pregnancy discrimination case (Lemaster v. Bank One, in which he sanctioned me $5,000 without an evidentiary hearing mind you) "It couldn't be sex discrimination because her boss was a woman, right?"

Unbelievable. Anyway, run a word search on this blawg for "Jena 6" or "hate crime(s)" to read more.

PS: America is often the land of the hypocrite. Imagine hate crimes and a school for people who are typically victims of unlawful oppression. And here in New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die State, we have an Attorney General named Kelly Ayotte who is responsible for making certain that the Right-to-Know laws are followed but in point of fact there wasn't even a 2006 Annual Report filed from the "Right to Know Commission" as required by Law, specifically RSA 91-A:11 et seq. Read about it here. She intentionally botched an investigation of the Franconia Liko Kenney/Bruce McKay citizen/police homicides after PCP convict Gregory Floyd shot and killed Liko Kenney, and she botched it because Floyd killed a cop killer.

Here is a short film about it entitled "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."

As noted by this week's Littleton Courier editorial, the Community is in an uproar and is closely following the Right-to-Know lawsuit, KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al, Grafton Superior 07-E-268.


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