09 October 2007

KingCast asks: "What the hell is going on at Ledge Street School?"

I always thought that if the parents cannot accompany a behaviorally-challenged child on a field trip the school had to find alternative placement for the duration of the trip, not tell the parent they had to keep the child at home. Read this.

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Christopher King said...

From the email tip jar:

Chris, Thanks for keeping me informed with respect to the MacKay/Kenney story. I have not talked to ****** lately. Just had a nice long chat with **********. As ******* does not have a computer at home, we were discussing different postings; I saw your post about the dad with a kindergarten student who has to stay home from a field trip - welcome to my world! I teach preschool (3 to 5 year olds). There is no doubt that every teacher - especially in the public school system - has been challenged by at least one student's behavior. I am appalled that the school would not find additional support staff that could attend the event with the child. Even more appalled that the teacher (with that grade especially) would not personally take responsibility for the more challenging child. Is that not our job to foster good relationships; build trust; and encourage a welcoming learning environment? I have had children that cry every morning for days due to parent separation. My job is many things besides direct academic teaching - it is to foster the well being of that child and build a life long love of learning (or at least until they hit middle school LOL); trust and to be a team with the parents and child.

Without knowing the inside details, it sounds to me like a very overwhelmed staff that needs supports in the classroom. I have taken a seriously difficult 4 year old autistic child on short walks to the local library/story time and believe me it would have been much easier to have the child stay behind but that's not the point. (Every day I had to wear a denim jacket to protect me from the bites of this child).

Every child is entitled to the same education. I wish you well and hope the family gets the support they need. I will, of course, be watching from a distance with respect to Liko and will stand by my documents that I submitted to *****