14 October 2007

KingCast asks, "Is that witch Ann Coulter behind the alleged story of John Edwards extra-marital affair with Rielle Hunter? Or Lisa Druck?"

This is the AP story.

This is the Western Standard story, which contains substantially more information.

Let's see w'happens, but my thing is this: Even if it's true, why is it that the media almost always goes after the Dems for this sort of thing? What, you think Elephants don't do the nasty outside of their tribe, too? As for Coulter, she ain't no elephant; she actually resembles more of a witch and she has shown her true colours by calling Senator Edwards a "faggot." I'm not gay (and I have no reason to believe Senator Edwards is either) but I wouldn't touch that nasty witch if you paid me. What a skanky lookin' ho... such purdy hair why'd you die the roots black, baby. Ewwww.....

And when she's not busy with her $10 coiffure-in-a-box she's busy bashing Judaism, read this Media Matters blog entry.

As far as Elephants and their lying ways go, look no further than NH AG Kelly Ayotte, who swore to uphold the Right-to-Know Law but who apparently cares not that the NH the Right-to-Know Commission has no 2006 Annual Report as required by law. Add that to her pathetic "investigation" of why Liko Kenney shot a rogue cop named Bruce McKay earlier this year and you'll see why even folks on the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee are complaining.

But don't take my word for it, read this.

And just as she gave a pass to the PCP felon who lied under investigation about how and why he shot and killed Liko Kenney, she also gave a pass to her Republican buddy Mitt Romney's camp in New Hampshire after one of his staffers -- currently under investigation in Massachusetts for impersonating a police officer -- threatened New York Times veteran reporter Mark Leibovich by telling him they ran his license plate. But don't take my word for it, read the quotes here, including a story by Globe staffer Raphael Lewis in the comments section.

And that's a nice way to start a Monday; almost as good as the Tribe spanking the Bosox 13-6 =^.)


Anonymous said...

What is the matter, strong, intelligent, independent wome intimidate you?

Anonymous said...

I thought her CD set called Treason_ was really quite good. I would really like to know what she thinks of Sandy Berger, considering his activities as they relate to testifing before Congress and including what he did prior to that. (see missing archive use of force report) To be fairenbalencd Interesting how former AG Gonzales has lawyered up... I've got it! Romney - Gonzales... thats the ticket! Everybody gets to go to Gitmo can be the slogan!

Christopher King said...


I love them, dated many a Phd.

But Coulter is a deceitful lying *sshole who happens to be a woman.

Glad we could get that clear :)

Christopher King said...

And, oh yeah 7:23:

As most of my friends growing up were Jewish, I'm not really down with her anti-Semitic banger either.

But you're probably ok with all of that.

Anonymous said...

sounds like someones got a case of the mondays

Christopher King said...

I heard THAT!

My Monday, however, is shaping up nicely as noted:

And that's a nice way to start a Monday; almost as good as the Tribe spanking the Bosox 13-6 =^.)

Anonymous said...

The BoSox didn't want to sweep the Tribe and let them have a little dignity

Christopher King said...

Ya, shoor that's why they "let" the Tribe go up 2-0 in Cleveland tonight.

Is there no end to their charity :)

Christopher King said...

Err... I mean 3-0.

Sorry. I admit when I'm wrong :)

Christopher King said...

Errr... wait I mean 4-0.

Wrong again I am.

Christopher King said...

Yeah, that continued generousity is much appreciated :)

Christopher King said...

Hey 2:35 where y'at?

I'm sitting back thinking about where to watch Game 5.

And Cleveland thanks Boston for that continued charitable foundation :)