23 October 2007

KingCast applauds NH AG Kelly Ayotte for reopening 34 year-old case of Dorothy Bois in Nashua.

As noted in this Nashua Telegraph Forums entry, I responded to Foxhunter after they wrote me about this case several days ago, asking if I could help in any way, as I obviously know how to investigate police cases. See the updates on missing information in the Franconia shooting tragedy as well as an older case where my client was a crime victim at the hands of police in case no. V1996 61481. It took four (4) years to win that.

I compliment Attorney Ayotte as I see fit, and I criticize her as I see fit. She's an elected appointed public official and that's what America is all about. Note that ironically, in the early morning hours of 5/11 I complimented her on a First Amendment/Commercial speech case involving data mining and drug addiction. Here it is.


Christopher King said...

» Quote:
As a civil right champion I'm sure you would agree that depriving a person of their very existence is the ultimate civil rights crime. I would love to see you turn your intellect and energy to finding out what spurred on the authorities to reopen the case and search a local person's property.

I can only do so much at one time and I've got cases with the law firm I don't even discuss here, cases and issues I'm watching with KingCast that I don't even discuss here, and work.

But thanks for the heads-up. I will see what I see and put out some feelers once I have a clue.


Christopher King said...

Good that Kelly is working on it.

I'll be following as well.

Too bad she hasn't approached the Maura Murray or Franconia shootings with the same due diligence

And then there is the Nashua PD case where the police were found to have violated a man's Civil Rights by posing as AG officials:


Wonder what she's doing on that. I'll have to issue a public information request per RSA 91-A to find out

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated to this post but if the allegation here are true, its more ammo for Citizen Review Boards. The Fox simply cannot guard the Henhouse!


And the beat goes on...

Anonymous said...

Full URL


Christopher King said...

Hey I tried the link but just got a generic page.

See if you can send it again.


Anonymous said...

Make sure it ends with /detail.html otherwise you get a general news page.

Here is the text of the story:

MADBURY, N.H. -- A former deputy police chief has filed a lawsuit against the town alleging he was fired for reporting the misconduct of his boss.

Jason Lamontagne, who now works for the New Durham Police Department, was fired by Madbury selectman last December. He claims he was punished for complaining about former Chief George Taylor, who was later forced from his job by a state accrediting agency.

According to the lawsuit, when Lamontagne and Taylor attended a firearms training in October 2004, the chief left early but ordered Lamontagne to submit his paperwork to receive his certification. Lamontagne complied but also called the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council and said he had been told to submit false paperwork.

The New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council later decertified Taylor for submitting false documents. He resigned in June.

Lamontagne said he also complained to selectmen about other issues, including allegations that Taylor ignored citizen complaints about another officer, improperly spent federal grant money and failed to conduct proper background checks on employees. In return, he was labeled a "backstabber" and was forced to work all unfilled shifts without overtime pay, according to the lawsuit filed in Strafford County Superior Court.

"There was a whole host of things going on over 2½ years that have led up to this," Lamontagne said. "I was committed to doing the best for the citizens of Madbury, and I was doing the best I could."

Madbury Selectman Joan Sundberg declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Christopher King said...

Yep. Breaker one-nine I got a ten-four on that.

Here's the link.

I was gonna blawg that when I saw it myself. Amazing what goes on for "Justice" isn't it?


Anonymous said...

yep - tragic for a potentially "good" officer, per summary and link. not a just reward for attempting to 'do the right thing'.

B-King Busa Blog said...


As for what many police officers would have done to avoid being in his situation, I believe the term is:

"negative reinforcement."