04 October 2007

KingCast applauds hometown brother Kenny Lofton and the Tribe as they spank Yankees good, but Tribe logos since 1939 still abusive.

He-heh... They spanked that arse good tonight, handprints all over it. So ironic living in Boston but being from Cleveland when both of these teams have 96 win seasons to top the league. I dig the Mets, and I love New York, but anybody who beats the Yankees is Good in my book. BTW Kenny and Manny used to be teammates when I lived there last but Kenney -- who is substantially older, almost as old as me for Crissakes -- remained loyal and returned to Cleveland while Manny was blinded by Boston, which did give him a ring so good for him, I guess.

Go Tribe (even though my former boss, Terry Gilbert, negotiated a settlement for Defamation on that damn logo (view logo history) which is reprehensible. Not too many people know about that, but the earlier logo, pictured above, honored the Tribe's early pitchers Louis Sockalexis -- of Native American heritage, Penobscot -- ironically the same tribe as my former fiancee Megan's ancestors, who was from greater Boston. Full circle on that one :)

Anyway, we love you, Kenny. Welcome back. Again.

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