20 October 2007

Hey KingCast what's up for the weekend?

Not much. Just talking with BostonNOW editor James O'Brien (pictured here at Alchemist Lounge) who wrote my biography, "American Lawyer: Christopher King is a Dangerous Black Man."

We're waiting on a significant development in my life next month before putting the manuscript out, and he is very enthused about the findings I made about NH AG Kelly Ayotte apparently withholding vital information about Shooter Floyd's felonious past as noted in these two/posts from yesterday.

And I'm sitting at work, listening to Radiohead and the Grateful Dead on WERS.org (home of Rockers Reggae show), with some Roots Reggae from iTunes/Sky.fm (White Mice "Try a Thing") and just about to head to North Country for a meeting with the Franconia Collective.



Anonymous said...

Hey now...
Nice to see the boys so young...
Bobby turned 60 the other day..

Nothin left to do but,

Christopher King said...

Hey I looked for you Satty at CMV but you guys didn't have anything going on.

Take a look at the new post on
"Homeland Security" and Floyd and McKay.