27 October 2007

Cockpit redux: A new E28 Bimmer for KingCast?

Hell yeah it's about time. Sell lucky number 7 and get on back to BMW for a while, although just in time for winter in NH -- which is a daunting task in an older Bimmer. Whatever, I'm paying virtually nothing for it, and after the crap I've been through in the past coupla' years (which cost me some nice vehicles including the '74 2002tii and the '88 Turbo Conv.) it's nice to have what I really want: No bling, just a good old-fashioned German sedan.

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Christopher King said...

See, in its day it was a $37-39,000 car 20 years ago, and if taken care of -- and this one is obviously well-sorted -- still shines like new money and the doors still go THUNK and it rides oh-so-sweetly.

And it goes like stink, too. Oh sure a new Honda Accord V6 will tax it right off the drag strip if that's your bag, but nobody buys this car to drag race it. It's all about chassis dynamics and how it feels when you pitch that sucker into a corner and balance that back end going into opposite lock.

Try that in a Honduh. Can't do it, although when I had my last 535is in Columbus there was a dude -- I swear I would see him twice a week in the mornings going to the courthouse and he had a front-wheel-drive car, a First Gen Taurus SHO and we did some fierce battles, about neck and neck.

And no tickets =^.)


Anyway, thank goodness that "Little old ladies" do exist, and some of them do drive old BMWs :)

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong--and this is also off topic--but I think Franconia PD's Chief Montminy has a civic duty to objectively and effectively carryout the Department's Public Relations responisbilites--another failure to all of the town's citizens.
By remaining silent, he has done a disservice to the community and allowed the polarity, disparity, distrust, and hatred between citizens to thrive in the small incubator of Franconia.
Montminy has failed the town by blindly taking the sides of Ayotte's brand of vigilante justice ignoring the need of an honest dialogue with his citizens.

Christopher King said...

Oh, absolutely, and your off-topic question is well taken and the KingCast court confers complete and full jurisdiction to hear your quite reasonable complaint.

You may be aware that Chief Montminy's response to my inquiry about any proof that Fox Hill Park was in any way "suspicious" as McKay claimed shortly before beating Liko Kenney without just cause in my opinion was unlawful in that it was late, did not specify a timeframe for completion and further attempted to charge me overtime, so that it an issue in the litigation, Grafton County 07-E-268.

See generally this post and specifically this one.

A clear cut violation of RSA 91-A Right-to-Know, and indicative of his (in)actions in office. I saw him the other day on the street and started to speak, but I realized it would just go nowhere, like Attorney Troy Watt's complaint against Bruce McKay for OC Spraying his client and lying in Court. Read last paragraph.

Did you know that in Ohio a police officer's personnel file is open record on performance issues?

It sure is. Read this news story about the Ohio Sunshine Act.

"All of my members are good cops, so we have no problem opening up the Sunshine Law and letting it shine in." --- and Wickliffe's Chief James Fox said "But when you sign up for this job, in a position of public trust, that's part of the deal," Fox said, "You must accept the fact that your work-related life is a matter of public record."