02 October 2007

Boston area Police Officer Daniel Talbot shot and killed; KingCast to review along with the Bruce McKay and Michael Briggs shootings.

So far all I know is that there was a confrontation and he is dead. And there is a video of some sort. What I also know is that if and when KingCast cameras roll, we are not likely to hear that now infamous quote told to us by Franconia natives about Bruce McKay as seen in our first short film on the Franconia matter (which promoted this Right-to-Know lawsuit) "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts," which was: "I always thought they would find him dead by the side of the road one day, and if it wasn't Liko Kenney it would have been someone else."

Update, 9:30 a.m. Derek Lodie, a 17 year-old was charged with accessory before the fact. Unlike Liko Kenney, there is no record yet that he had been body-slammed in 2003 for being in a "suspicious place at a suspicious time" at the park, nor was there any indication that his car was bashed back 40-50 feet with a Tahoe nor was there any indication that he or anyone received a face full of OC Spray without any command or directive whatsoever. All I know is that there was an alleged altercation with the officer and his friends behind a school and the alleged assailants returned packing heat. I'll be looking for that video soon.

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Anonymous said...

Are you flipping serious about your "lawsuit"? What online home schooling lawyer training program did you go to? EVEN if the officer is 101% wrong from the original car stop, EVERY anti-police or citizen's group tells you, ALWAYS COOPERATE. You will have your date in court later. And if for example Mr Kennedy was promised another officer be present should he run into Mr McKay then all that will come out. But what did he do instead? Hmmm, let's see. He drove off, creating more traffic hazzards, defied the officer's authority, and finally shot him. Let me repeat that because you're apparently ignorant. HE SHOT HIM!!! Over what, a traffic ticket? They didn't like each other. Guess what, most people don't like cops who continually arrest them or have them jailed. AMAZING! So from where exactly are you trying to justify your position? Oh wait, here's another flash for you. Massachusetts HAS a concealed weapons carry law, but Mr Kennedy didn't have a license. Hmmm, wonder why? That's right, he's not a law abiding citizen with a permit. He's a CRIMINAL! --- He shoots a police officer and you want to run him for mayor. It's people like you who taint the "FREE SPEECH" rights the rest of us actually put to good use.

Anonymous said...

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