19 October 2007

KingCast watches Bosox's Beckett and the curse of the racist mascot bury the Tribe in game 5.

We said it at Attorney Gilbert's office (I quote Terry herein) and I'll say it again: The Tribe will have a hard time winning -- even after you talk about Josh Beckett's exceptional pitching -- until they get rid of that gosh-darned mascot. There was a mention of it again on one of the news shows the other day but I don't even think they went into the history of Louis Sockalexis in the first place and I know they didn't show the older Cleveland logos for comparison, so once again you have major media doing a half-assed job. Read the history of all of that right here.

You can see the Cherokee in my Great-Aunt Mother Ann (RIP) looking over my shoulder at law school graduation as I read the jacket of Carl T. Rowan's biography, "Dream Makers Dream Breakers" -- about Attorney/Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall -- much more than you can in me, but it's there, and even if it weren't I'm still authorized to voice that opinion as a sentient being.


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