13 October 2007

Beckett & Bosox rock Tribe and its racist logo 10-3 in Pennant game one.

This is logo #5, the first of the racist logos, used from 1940-1950. In Cleveland, back at Terry Gilbert's office (linked here and who settled a class Defamation suit over the Chief Wahoo logo) we always said the Tribe would never win the Big One until they got rid of that damned thing. All I want them to do is license the old ones so I can wear a hat with pride, but then that's just me asking for a modicum of respect from corporate America. A company like Life is Good would do it, but I won't hold my breath for the team in Cleveland.

Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon have noted this issue and here is a Good Read by the Native American Journalists Association.
And can anyone question the derogatory features of the Native character known as Chief Wahoo? Although the Cleveland Indians purportedly took their name to honor their once-great pitcher, the Penobscot Louis Sockalexis, Wahoo’s bright red visage, big-toothed grin and bulbous nose depict nothing less than a red Sambo or Fu Man Chu, an image that should be intolerable in any ethnicity.

Here is the last post, which has links to the first two posts and here is the history of the logo, so you can watch the de-evolution of what was a respectful tribute to one of the team's first pitchers, a Penobscot named Louis Sockalexis. Who is no doubt rolling in his grave over this. This is what he really looked like for Chrissakes, and I am sending this entry to Cousin Mike at PTI because it will only change when people with his power and influence start speaking up more.

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