31 October 2007

KingCast presents: The real reason behind the $2.9M McDonald's coffee burn case.

From when I was in law school I remember the reason why the McDonald's Plaintiff, Stella Liebeck recovered so much money ($2.9M later reduced) for her third degree burns:

One reason was that McDonalds superheats its coffee, as I learned from a friend of mine who is now a VP of a regional coffee roasting establishment.

But the reason more germane to the damages award is this:
"Some observers wonder why McDonald's, after years of settling coffee-burn cases, chose to take this one to trial. After all, the plaintiff was a sympathetic figure - an articulate, 81-year-old former department store clerk who said under oath that she had never filed suit before. In fact, she said, she never would have filed this one if McDonald's hadn't dismissed her requests for compensation for pain and medical bills with an offer of $800.

The jury then found that McDonald's had engaged in willful, reckless, malicious or wanton conduct, the basis for punitive damages."

Word to the wise, then: When presented with a personal injury case, Defendants would be well-advised to investigate promptly and offer reasonable compensation.

PS: As if on cue, a Merrimack student was arrested for pouring hot chocolate on someone NH.

The Porsche guys holler back at KingCast on Mark Donohue and the real cars of IROC.

In response to this post, they in turn put up this one.

30 October 2007

KingCast says Nashua Telegraph's Kevin Landrigan knows Franconia Police Chief Montminy violated RSA 91-A on the Unconstitutional Fox Hill Park arrests

Sure he knows. Read the 3 July 2007 email in the comments section noting that Defendant Montminy failed to tell me when he would provide documents showing how Fox Hill Park was a "suspicious place" as claimed by Bruce McKay the night he beat up Liko Kenney. Not only did he fail to tell me when he would produce the documents, he tried to charge me overtime for their production. Come to find out four (4) months later he doesn't have squat.

No police report, no use of force report (watch town Attorney Daniel Mullen try to explain THATright here) and all the Court cases from Fox Hill Park before Judge Cyr were dismissed for Civil Rights violations, specifically Fourth Amendment violations. Got the JPEGs right here, and for you newbies, a short film right here:

The lawsuit.
The short film.
The community outcry.

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KingCast says no matter how fast a new BMW M5 is, it is still pretty ugly next to the 1988 original:

And believe me, with almost twice the horsepower of even the American-spec E28 M5, it's plenty fast. Unfortunately, there's no accounting for taste.

29 October 2007

KingCast asks who is "Doing the Right Thing" on the Topix boards involving the Franconia Shooting Tragedy.

I hate to be an ogre, but some of us speculate that it's none other than Mrs. Gregory W. Floyd, so blinded that she couldn't acknowledge that her man was is a convicted felon, 3 times over actually. Read this post about the marijuana and PCP, and this one about stealing the Virgin Mary, just click on the Search Warrant Order from Judge Cyr, i.e. "felony level offense of theft by taking." Then watch how DTRT, who claims to be a military wife, trails off after these comments.

Thursday Oct 25

Doing the Right Thing wrote:
1. In Massachusetts for ownership.
2. In New Hampshire for ownership.
What ownership? Do you have the paperwork to prove that he did in fact own any guns? No, you don't... because he didn't and doesn't.

KingCast busted all over that:

Shawl do, stupid:

Massachusetts facts.

"Had firearms registered to him in the State of Massachusetts."

That would be a written comment by TFC Robert E. Bruno.

Or is that yet another "Violation of Floyd's Privacy Rights" by the State of NH DOS and KingCast?



Again, you've read the documents and quotes already where he admitted to holding and shooting guns on his property. I'm not going to repeat it here for you.

Pick up the door prizes on the left that were but there by the other circus clown, Sam Colt.

Related post: "DTRT" has been writing in to this blawg talking nonsense since 9 August 2007. Now we are going to see if we can work up some forensics to see where that post truly originated.

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28 October 2007

Dear KingCast, I'm confused. Who is the coolest race car driver ever?

Simple. Mark Donohue. Tribute site/Wiki site. In in 1975 I got a mounted picture of Mark at speed for Christmas from someone who knew Roger Penske. Long story but my father used to play table tennis with Roger when he came to visit his wife at the hospital. As to Donohue, who would later of course drive for Penske in various teams, the guy could pretty much drive the wheels off of anything -- even the vicious Porsche 917 -- and did it as a True Gentleman until the day he died, the victim of a freak accident.

He won Indy. He won in NASCAR. He dominated the first IROC series (no it wasn't a bitchin' Camaro, it was a Porsche 911 RSR) and mastered the most intimidating car in all of circuit racing, the Porsche 917/30. But he charted his first victory in Belknap County, NH hill climb driving a 1957 Corvette :)

Note the twin spark setup on the "320hp" (it was more) 3.0l 1974 car that very few drivers could keep pointed straight. Images courtesy of Slidevalve911RSR whose website is linked above.

PS: And for fast in Porsches, cannot forget "Peter Perfect" Gregg, whose nickname may have come from the "Wacky Racers," another show I loved as a kid. Now we know why I've got problems with fast cars :)

KingCast has a few RSA 91-A questions for NH AG Homicide Chief Jeffery Strelzin in the Franconia shooting tragedy "investigation" of Gregory Floyd.

Dear Attorney Strelzin:

In response to this Homeland Security inquiry of 22 October 2007 you wrote that you had provided all "releasable" materials from the State Department of Safety on Gregory W. Floyd, who clearly shot at Liko Kenney before his car hit Bruce McKay and who shot Liko Kenney without saying a word on 11 May 2007 -- contrary to what your office's official report claims.

Provide a copy of any documents or statutes on which you rely for your contention that the following documents were not "releasable" in your investigation:

1. Floyd was a military AWOL liarhead.
2. Assault and disturbing the peace?
3. In violation of Mass and Federal Law?
4. Held guns in Mass.
5. Search warrant signed by Judge Cyr.
6. Stole the Virgin Mary #1.
7. Stole the Virgin Mary #2.
8. Newspapers scared of Floyd.

Also, I already know you told me your office has no paperwork relative to my inquiry as to what research you did about Floyd's claim of killing 43 people, but now I find that you lied to me because you did in fact have a copy of Floyd was a military AWOL liarhead. As Floyd was never overseas he sure as hell didn't kill 43 people here on American soil, so what you and Kelly did was you two and State Rep. Martha McLeod (married to Franconia Defendant Rich McLeod as selectman) obviously coddled a deranged lunatic with a fascination with guns and a predisposition for slinging marijuana and PCP and stealing the Virgin Mary. Nice. Shall the taxpayers inscribe that on your tombstone?

As a taxpayer and journalist I am disgusted by that as well as your statements to me regarding the purported lack of any more audio interviews when I knew perfectly well you weren't speaking the Truth because of my Franconia sources, which prompted me to posit the ethics complaint that coughed up the documents where Floyd (again) lied to Sam Stephenson, telling him about his "2, 3 tours of Vietnam."

Now then, in addition to the concerns noted above for the numbered items please:

1. Produce a copy of any and all documents that demonstrate proof that your office investigated Gregory W. Floyd's arrest and conviction for disorderly conduct, and any and all documents, including relevant statutes, that explain what the predicate behaviour was.

2. Produce a copy of any and all documents, including relevant statutes, that explain why your office never told the public about that arrest and conviction.

3. Produce a copy of any and all documents that demonstrate proof that your office investigated Gregory W. Floyd's arrest for assault with a dangerous weapon, and any and all documents, including relevant statutes, that explain what the alleged predicate behaviour was.

4. Produce a copy of any and all documents, including any relevant statutes, that explain why your office never told the public about that arrest.

As a side note, I bet there was no 2006 Right-to-Know Annual Report as required by Law but I think I have figured that out now, still waiting for your office's response to my inquiry about that. Read the comments.

As noted by last week's story, on this issue, the Littleton Courier and I will be awaiting your principled response. As Bruce McKay would say..... GOTCHA!

27 October 2007

Cockpit redux: A new E28 Bimmer for KingCast?

Hell yeah it's about time. Sell lucky number 7 and get on back to BMW for a while, although just in time for winter in NH -- which is a daunting task in an older Bimmer. Whatever, I'm paying virtually nothing for it, and after the crap I've been through in the past coupla' years (which cost me some nice vehicles including the '74 2002tii and the '88 Turbo Conv.) it's nice to have what I really want: No bling, just a good old-fashioned German sedan.

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KingCast presents: Draft 2007 Right-to-Know Commission Report.

I'll print the full text of what I received in the comments later, but this is precisely the point I am making in KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al., Grafton County 07-E-268:

"Due to the failures of Hotlse [sic KingCast catches another typo] Bill 626 (2006) and House Bill 377 (2007), the New Hampshire Legislature has yet to accomplish the tasks requested by the Supreme Court in the Hawkins decision and embodied in the Commissions' enabling legislation.

The members of the Commission strongly believe that, unless key stakeholder groups are willing to actively participate in the public debate and are willing to compromise their entrenched positions, the current weaknesses in the Right-to-Know law will never be corrected by legislative action, and the issues may be decided by the Supreme Court on a case by case basis."

September 7, 2007 (4:53pm)

My thanks to Nashua Alderman Fred Teeboom for sourcing that for me as I continue to wait for a copy of the 2006 report, as Defendant Ayotte appears to be in per se violation of RSA 91-A (you know, the Right-to-Know Statute itself) for failure to timely respond to my inquiry as noted in yesterday's post.

26 October 2007

KingCast whip of the decade: The Christini AWD bikes.

I don't think anyone is quite ready for what is about to hit them. Watch the video, this thing is SICK!


Oh, my, GAWD. Been following this guy for years and this is the real deal. As a mountainbiker who grew up dirtbikes like YZ, RM and CR 80's andn this old champ (the KLR 250, official bike of the military incidentally) -- and still riding and living in NH -- you know I think this thing is tantamount to the Second Coming :)

What a machine.

PS: Gotta' watch out though if you get one because if you don't, that freak 3 time felon from the Franconia Shooting Tragedy who murdered Liko Kenney in cold blood (in my opinion) might steal it from you. After all, he did steal a marble statue of the Virgin Mary, so I guess anything is pretty much fair game for him. Especially an OC-Sprayed, seatbelted kid in a car with a closed window on Floyd's side of the car, who had just shot a cop known for pressing a non-spec knife near a woman's labia for no good reason. I interviewed the victim, and oh yeah he did.

Related KingCast short film: Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts.

KingCast says Defendant Ayotte is in another per se violation of RSA 91-A on 2006 Right-to-Know Report, and Gregory Floyd is a 3-time Felon!!!

26 October 2007

Dear Attorney Ayotte:

This blawg entry, coupled with the one of 15 October and the reminder of 22 October is being sent via tracked U.S. Mail to you at your official address where I am informed that the Sheriff effectuated 17 October 2007 Service on you for Grafton County Case No. 07-E-268, KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al.

As you have not responded to my initial query, sent via email as all of my others are, I am led to believe that there is no 2006 report, which would make your office in violation of RSA 91-A: 11 et seq. as explained in this post, which also has some cool YouTube motocross clips.

If I am incorrect in my belief please notify me via Certified or otherwise Tracked U.S. Mail immediately, as I strive for accuracy in all of these endeavors. I know my friend, Nashua Alderman Fred Teeboom can't find it yet either because I asked him for it a while back. Please read the comments for my last email to him on it.

Speaking of accuracy, it is accurate to say that Judge Cyr's signature on the attached Department of Safety document #77 denotes that Gregory W. Floyd is a three (3) time felon, correct? You might want to read my 23 October open letter to Attorney Modigliani, which I am also mailing today.

As I mention in this post, did you at any time consider referring Mr. Floyd to the ATF or U.S. Attorney's office for an 18 U.S.C. 922 (g)(1) violation, given that he admitted during the Franconia investigation that there is at least one firearm in his house, and given that you know he lied during the Franconia investigation? Please note that this information and more was requested in this RSA 91-A request on 22 October.

Among other things, he lied not only about his military background, he lied about whether he spoke to Liko before shooting, and he lied about whether Caleb Macaulay's window was open when he shot through it.
"Oh, yah the window was open,"

the liar said.
See that's important Kelly because what with Liko still seatbelted (and pretty much blinded) when Floyd shot him, it's all the less likely that Liko constituted any threat to Floyd, because he would have had to shoot past Caleb's head and through the closed window to shoot at Floyd.

You ran a tainted investigation and you know it.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.

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24 October 2007

KingCast explains to NH AG Kelly Ayotte why she should refer Gregory W. Floyd to federal authorities for prosecution under 18 U.S.C. 922 (g)(1).

In addition to being a generally repulsive and threatening person (you should see the Affidavit I filed from a threatened school administrator) he is in contravention of 18 U.S.C. 922 (g)(1) and (A)(6) because he's got firearms in his house as he admitted in the 2007 investigation as noted in the lawsuit, KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al., Grafton Superior 07-E-268.

Q: p.898 Have any firearms at your house?
A: My, my wife has a firearm, a uh, Glock Twenty-Three......

Sorry Kelly, sorry Gregory. You can't do that. See the Homeland Security post and see United States v. Ramirez-Rios, 270 F.3d 1185,1187 (8th Cir. 2001), rejecting reduction because defendant’s wife owned the weapons for protection.

You can't even use them to barter for repairs to your Silverado, according to U.S. v. Collins (10th Cir 2002)

When the State police investigated in 1997 did they find any evidence of a vault or any such thing that would preclude Floyd from any possible access to firearms? Nope. In fact, I have documents that show that Floyd admitted to shooting guns on his Easton property on more than one occasion.

But does Kelly report Floyd to the Federal Authorities? Of course not. That would be a substantial headache as she was trying to boost him up to hero status. Read this post.

In point of fact, the State should have kicked this to the Feds back in '97 based on a document I have but have not posted, document #6 by Robert E. Bruno, 23 July 1997:

FLOYD in fact did handle the Merwin Herbert 32 cal. Handgun in Trooper HUBBARD's presence. FLOYD told Trooper HUBBARD:
"When I was shooting I shot at a tree. I shot at it twice and hit it both times. I can show you where that is. I am an ex-marine and an expert shot. I don't miss what I shoot at."

End of report.

This guy is whack-job, just living in a fantasy land of his Marine achievements as noted in this document. And I've got more.

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KingCast says new Littleton Courier story shows folly of NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Jeffery Strelzin's position on Floyd's candor.

Read the two Lucys entry, including this link about the Department of Safety vs. NH AG documents first.

New reports show that Gregory Floyd has repeatedly lied to investigators about his military service, according to documents that were not included in the Attorney General's report back in June. After he shot Kenney, Floyd, 49, told police he had been in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam War-era and served on "special projects." He also said he, "worked for the government in places and things you can't talk about" and told bystanders at the scene he had killed more than 40 people.

Ayotte's immediate predecessor, Peter Heed found in his investigation of the Manchester Diocese, that lying in an investigation is a crime in violation of RSA 641:3 Unsworn Falsifcation (read it here) but Kelly couldn't have any of that on her hero so she deliberately and willfullly ignored it in violation of her Oath of Office and her Oath as an Attorney. All of the documents are JPEG'd in the above links, and here's the money quote from Homicide Section Chief Jeffery Strelzin:
When asked why the DOS documents did not make it to the attorney general's office, Strelzin deferred the question to DOS. "We were investigating the events at the scene…there is a limit to how far you go back in someone's past," Strelzin said.

Try again my friend. First of all, as the links above show, Floyd has recently been in violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) and (A)(6), but you and Kelly have made no effort to refer that to the Federal Authorities. Furthermore, veracity and candor are always at issue in a case, and Floyd's has been suspect all along including a slew of lies that you and Kelly have propagate along with Floyd, including the notion that he said anything to Liko prior to shooting, and that Liko had struck McKay with his car prior to Floyd shooting. My research indicates the Courier's comment that Liko ran McKay over twice prior to McKay shooting is incorrect. See this commentary of Gregory Floyd's own son, taken from p. 745 of the AG Investigative files.

Second, the entire story is printed in the comments section, and as you read it be aware of the ethics complaint I had to file against Attorneys Ayotte and Strelzin that made them cough up the electronically-maintained witness statements that Strelzin initially told me did not exist. Those witness statements, particularly one from Sam Stephenson, call Floyd's credibility ON THAT NIGHT into question, with Floyd again talking about his 3 tours of Vietnam.

Third, let's not even get into the bullet hole in Liko's windshield that Kelly hasn't explained.

BTW I am friends with the gentleman who hosts the Veteran's parade in Nashua, and he is livid about Floyd lying like that about his military service. I'm certain my Uncle Joe (RIP) wouldn't be too pleased, either.

23 October 2007

KingCast presents: NH Dep't of Safety Attorney Marta Modigliani vs. NH AG Kelly Ayotte over missing RSA 91-A Gregory Floyd (a multi-felon) documents.

It's a tale of two Lucys, but you newbies read this first.

Dear Attorney Modigliani:

Thank you for your follow up letter to me dated 19 October 2007 in which you note that you had to leave for your appointment around 2:00 p.m. as we hastily ascertained which documents I requested. Said letter was accompanied by a receipt for $14.00 for the 14 pages you copied for me relating to the Franconia shooting tragedy, as I noted to you on several occasions that I had heard rumors about these documents that were never produced by NH AG Kelly Ayotte, the chief law enforcement officer of New Hampshire, in her investigative files of the Franconia shooting tragedy.

The lawsuit.
The short film.
The community outcry.

You wrote that you "trust that [I] found [I] have all the documents [I] requested photocopied," and I did, but only to the extent that I only had $20 with me at the time and noted to you that I was astounded at the per page copy cost, as I made copious notes on the other pages I will retrieve from you soon. Copy costs are at issue in the pending Right-to-Know litigation, incidentally but that's another matter.

Be that as it may, I appreciate your hospitality as noted by the fact that I didn't make a Big Deal out of your office's late response to my RSA 91-A request, nor did I make a big deal out of the fact that after I called you on my way back from another Concord appointment that I had to wait in your antechamber almost an hour to view the documents -- even though I stopped in prior to the appointment 2 hours earlier to advise that I would return for them.

It's All Good. And you know it all comes down to what you offered Attorney Ayotte, versus what she offered to the World Public. For what it's worth, I think your office provided everything I saw. What got lost in translation, well....... Kelly will certainly have to explain that.

Meanwhile, she has yet to explain where the 2006 Right-to-Know Commission report is, even though she or her designee is on the commission. The Commission was created to address another issue pertaining to production of government emails, which is at issue in the pending Right-to-Know litigation, incidentally but that's another matter.

Her response appears to be tardy but I'll give it another day or so. After all, we've got plenty of time for that and for Depositions before the Oral Argument scheduled for 10 January, 2008. Then she'll have some serious 'splainin' to do, Marta.

KingCast applauds NH AG Kelly Ayotte for reopening 34 year-old case of Dorothy Bois in Nashua.

As noted in this Nashua Telegraph Forums entry, I responded to Foxhunter after they wrote me about this case several days ago, asking if I could help in any way, as I obviously know how to investigate police cases. See the updates on missing information in the Franconia shooting tragedy as well as an older case where my client was a crime victim at the hands of police in case no. V1996 61481. It took four (4) years to win that.

I compliment Attorney Ayotte as I see fit, and I criticize her as I see fit. She's an elected appointed public official and that's what America is all about. Note that ironically, in the early morning hours of 5/11 I complimented her on a First Amendment/Commercial speech case involving data mining and drug addiction. Here it is.

KingCast says "Let's get to know the real Gregory Floyd, not the one that NH AG Kelly Ayotte celebrates as a hero."

In the recent posts we all know he's a three-time felony convict who was AWOL from the military twice and who lied about his overseas duty and who was arrested on prior occasion for assault with a dangerous weapon.

And in likely contravention of 18 U.S.C. 922 (g)(1) and (A)(6) he's got firearms in his house as he admitted in the 2007 investigation as noted in the lawsuit:

Q: p.898 Have any firearms at your house?
A: My, my wife has a firearm, a uh, Glock Twenty-Three......

Let's now carefully read the transcript comments from the witness statements about this fine man:

And at Page 745: Floyd Junior notes that Liko "didn't actually hit the officer" with the car the first time.

Page 687, Caleb Macaulay: "That guy I thought pretty much had the gun pointed at us before we even got on the road."

Followed by:

"He was laughing and stuff." The guy was very, very it was almost like crazed.... page 697 "and he kept, like, 'Oh I shot him good and stuff like that....'"

For you newbies, that's why Defendant Ayotte lied to well-respected Attorney X about the witness statements, and that's why he contacted me and forwarded that email and that's why we are still in contact as we have identified and developed key issues for Deposition and Oral Argument.

22 October 2007

KingCast reminds Defendant Ayotte her response is tardy on the last RSA-91A Right-to-Know request on the 2006 Right-to-Know Commission Annual Report.

It could be in the mail, I don't know. What I do know is that when you read this post from 15 October when I reminded Attorneys Ayotte and Modigliani about pending information requests, the latter counsel immediately provided me the sought information. Which in turn set up this rather ugly RSA 91-A request for today, involving Gregory W. Floyd's felonious background that sailed right past the U.S. Military, Defendant Ayotte and numerous regulatory agencies who perform gun permitting in NH and MA.


KingCast approaches NH AG Kelly Ayotte and the Office of Homeland Security about Gregory W. Floyd and Bruce McKay.

Dear Kelly:

Please produce a copy of all documents your office received from the New Hampshire State Police regarding Gregory W. Floyd. When I became the first journalist to online host your investigative files as noted in the links in this post I don't believe any of the documents enumerated below were included as noted in the links to this post, so the folks in Franconia and I would be much obliged if you could clarify the apparent variance pursuant to RSA 91-A, within the time permitted by Law.

1. Floyd was a military AWOL liarhead.
2. Assault and disturbing the peace?
3. In violation of Mass and Federal Law?
4. Held guns in Mass.
5. Shot guns at Prince Edward Island.
6. Stole the Virgin Mary #1.
7. Stole the Virgin Mary #2.
8. Newspapers scared of Floyd.

Also, based on those documents it would appear that Mr. Floyd was in violation of 18 U.S.C. 922 on at least four (4) occasions, and that carries a maximum sentence of ten (10) years and a $250,000.00 fine.

1. In Massachusetts for ownership.
2. In New Hampshire for ownership.
3. In New Hampshire for possessing Bruce McKay's gun.
4. At Prince Edward Island while a resident of New Hampshire.

Accord U.S. v. Ngai Man Lee, citing United States v. Verrecchia, 196 F.3d 294 (1st Cir. 1999) holding that the Jury doesn't even have to know which gun in particular that a person like Floyd illegally possessed:
.....jurors who agreed that the defendant possessed a firearm but disagreed as to which firearm he possessed nonetheless would be unanimous on the relevant element of the offense: possession of "any firearm."

For more case law read the comments.

Therefore please provide me a copy of any and all documents that indicate your intentions in terms of referral to the appropriate federal agencies, including the U.S. Attorney's Officer, Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) or the office of Homeland Security, so that I will know if that is something I will have to do on my own or whether I have your support in addressing Mr. Floyd's apparently lawless behavior. I wonder how he became a member of our Armed Forces as a three (3) time felon? And I wonder why your office did not produce any information on the third felony for the theft of the Virgin Mary statue. As a footnote I suppose Mr. Floyd lied about his Felonies when he entered the service as well as when he applied for his gun permit in Mass.

As your office throughly investigated Mr. Floyd's background, making the World Public wait +2 months from the time of the shootings to release your investigative files, I would believe you have the answers to those questions so please produce any and all documents you have in your possession that relate to your investigation of whether Floyd lied to obtain his permits in NH or MA, including but not limited to a copy of his applications to own firearms in both states.


Next I need you to provide any diagrams similar to these from the McKenzie property (one and two) for the windshield bullet as noted in this post. I would assume there would be diagrams for Liko's car seeing as he died in that car, with his seatbelt on -- and whereas it would seem inappropriate to construct diagrams for the broadside of a barn but not for Liko's car, which had just been rammed with McKay's 5,500lb Tahoe like this, and in which he had been OC sprayed like this.


Next I need you to provide me any documents you have regarding Bruce McKay and whether his ex-wife was in a Safe House in or near Franconia. See, in my estimation that is relevant because if there was domestic violence that would have rendered him unfit to be a police officer, and I'm certain that you as a woman would be sensitive to those concerns and would not want to condone that sort of activity. It is my understanding that he took off in his vehicle after they moved her from the safe house with a trunk full of weapons in his car and was apprehended in another state, so I need to clarify exactly where your office stands on this matter. We can agree to disagree on the First Amendment Consent Laws and a woman's right to privacy (you were wrong in my opinion and in the opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court as noted) but on spousal abuse there is no room to disagree. You either vigorously oppose it or you are vigorously supporting it.

I thank you in advance for your prompt response.

A trail of tears for the Indians and their racist logo as the Red Sox win game 7 and head to the World Series.

As noted in this post, I'm only slightly bummed about Cleveland losing. They will never win the World Series as long as they have that logo anyway. Good luck to the Sox against the rather formidable Colorado Rockies. On the left is Louis Sockalexis, the man for whom the team was named. Spot the difference.

BTW the logos started getting ugly in 1939 with this logo. Here is the logo history. What was going on then? The War was raging and America was full of jingoism and xenophia, and to "Americans" the Native Americans were fair game.

20 October 2007

Will NH AG Kelly Ayotte prosecute Nashua cops who posed as AG investigators while violating Civil Rights in an $80K settlement?

It's just too easy. "Ruling in the criminal case, Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge Bernard Hampsey found that police violated Paulhus' rights by questioning him without reading him his Miranda rights while he was in pain from having been shot and despite his desire to consult a lawyer; and by posing as investigators for the state attorney general's office."

Read in pari materia with this post about Gregory W. Floyd.... because she doesn't care he was AWOL twice and never served overseas "doing tours of Vietnam" as he claimed. See actual police investigation document after discussion with the U.S. Military Personnel office.

That substantially devalues the service of our truly decorated servicemen like my Uncle Joe (RIP) and now we see some local cops devaluing the AG's office. Let's all watch how Kelly handles this.

Hey KingCast what's up for the weekend?

Not much. Just talking with BostonNOW editor James O'Brien (pictured here at Alchemist Lounge) who wrote my biography, "American Lawyer: Christopher King is a Dangerous Black Man."

We're waiting on a significant development in my life next month before putting the manuscript out, and he is very enthused about the findings I made about NH AG Kelly Ayotte apparently withholding vital information about Shooter Floyd's felonious past as noted in these two/posts from yesterday.

And I'm sitting at work, listening to Radiohead and the Grateful Dead on WERS.org (home of Rockers Reggae show), with some Roots Reggae from iTunes/Sky.fm (White Mice "Try a Thing") and just about to head to North Country for a meeting with the Franconia Collective.


19 October 2007

KingCast, Judge Cyr and NH AG Kelly Ayotte married at the hip with State Police document #64

Lucy, we've got some 'splainin' to do:

July 23, 1997 -- 1600 hours.

"On the above date and time this writer presented the Arrest Warrant and Search Warrant to Judge CYR as his office in Littleton. This writer did show Judge CYR the actual certified copies from Ware County Georgia. We did discuss the second [blacked out but I read the original and it refers to the arrest and conviction for theft by taking]. Judge CYR stated that the drug conviction was all that was needed and that it was clear it was a felony conviction. It was also discussed how Felony records may be missed by Police Departments. I did explain that this did appear to be the case in Massachusetts, where it was apparent FLOYD had a firearms ID card. Both warrants were signed by Judge CYR."

TFC Robert E. Bruno.
August 11, 1997

Related post: Why didn't Defendant Ayotte tell us Gregory Floyd was a thief, twice AWOL soldier and arrested for assault with dangerous weapons?"

KingCast asks "Why didn't Defendant Ayotte tell us Gregory Floyd was a thief, twice AWOL soldier and arrested for assault with dangerous weapons?"

As promised, I spent some quality time today with State Police attorney Marta Modigliani and the look on her face when I showed her what Kelley Ayotte did not include in her "Official Report" or in her "Investigative files" about Gregory W. Floyd was priceless.

If Kelly had made public the documents I am about to scan everyone would have been in an uproar. That's why she hid it and that's why KingCast is suing her. I have more than what I just showed you, and access to more than that you bet.... I only had $20 on me and they charged me $1 per page =^.)

The lawsuit.
The short film.
The community outcry.

In Georgia a Felony carries 12+ months of jail time. Take a look.

Here is 18 U.S.C. 922 (A)(6) and (g)(1)
It shall be unlawful for any person—
(1) who has been convicted in any court of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year... to ship or transport in interstate or foreign commerce, or possess in or affecting commerce, any firearm or ammunition; or to receive any firearm or ammunition which has been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce.

1. Floyd was a military AWOL liarhead.
2. Assault and disturbing the peace?
3. In violation of Mass and Federal Law?
4. Held guns in Mass.
5. Shot guns at Prince Edward Island.
6. Stole the Virgin Mary #1.
7. Stole the Virgin Mary #2.
8. Newspapers scared of Floyd.

KingCast watches Bosox's Beckett and the curse of the racist mascot bury the Tribe in game 5.

We said it at Attorney Gilbert's office (I quote Terry herein) and I'll say it again: The Tribe will have a hard time winning -- even after you talk about Josh Beckett's exceptional pitching -- until they get rid of that gosh-darned mascot. There was a mention of it again on one of the news shows the other day but I don't even think they went into the history of Louis Sockalexis in the first place and I know they didn't show the older Cleveland logos for comparison, so once again you have major media doing a half-assed job. Read the history of all of that right here.

You can see the Cherokee in my Great-Aunt Mother Ann (RIP) looking over my shoulder at law school graduation as I read the jacket of Carl T. Rowan's biography, "Dream Makers Dream Breakers" -- about Attorney/Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall -- much more than you can in me, but it's there, and even if it weren't I'm still authorized to voice that opinion as a sentient being.