05 September 2007

So KingCast what do you know about police abuse in Franconia shooting tragedy. You are a suspended attorney, law clerk and motorcycle salesman?

Fact: In 1998 while I allegedly didn't know what I was doing, I secured $58,500.00 for Michael Isreal, who had no visible or palpable injuries after he exercised his First Amendment Rights and told his brother that the town he grew up in (Hamilton, Ohio) was racist. They put their hands on him. Read about it here.

Fact: But that protracted battle begat another one in which we also prevailed: A finding by the Ohio Court of Claims that Michael was a VICTIM OF CRIME at the hands of the police. Read the file for Case No. V1996-61481 right here. It may have been the first time anyone had secured such a finding, but I'm sure my detractors will be more than happy to correct me if I am wrong.

I prevailed over my former boss (Ohio AG Bloody Betty Montgomery) twice: The decision went out 31 March 1999, they appealed it and I spanked them again, with the final decision and a check going out on 6 June 2001. I filed my Notice of Appearance on Nov. 1997.

Related KingCast short film with Michael Isreal in it at my suspension hearing:
"Live Revolution."

BTW Keith Williams has taught at Columbus School of Art and Design (CCAD). The full title of the piece behind me is: "End Racism: It's a Personal Decision."

Just the facts.


28 August 2015 Update: Mr. Isreal must have a court hearing today 28 August 2015 because the Courts and an insurance company are all up in my shit. Look below where they want to know more about me representing Mr. Isreal against some piece of shit cops. Piece of shit? Yup. One of them, William R. Hensley has a documented history according to the Cincinnati Inquirer from 28 Jan 2003, some fifteen (15) years after we sued and settled this little fuck was still terrorizing the neighborhood. I saw this a few weeks ago and wrote Attorney Jeff Mando about it. What a piece of shit.

"Police uncover officer's darks side."

They didn't uncover a goddamn fucking thing. We did that. Us two niggers on the Ohio Plantation did that. Rest in Peace Jerry Doyle you are with us always.

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Christopher King said...

See that entry on 9 June 1998:


Well that would be Dr. Alan Sogg, Dan Sogg's father, as I told you back here.

These are real people, folks, with real ideas about Justice.

And fine wine :)