26 September 2007

Rut-ro. Topix Floyd and McKay supporter "Doing the Right Thing" exposed as a fraud.

Okay. I told you back on 7 September in this post that this person was a jackass for refusing to acknowledge Shooter Floyd lied about a number of things, including his conviction for PCP sales.

Now it turns out that all the while she was attacking me, she withheld the fact that she is a Topix editor. Read the thread right here. That's Big Trouble because she had a duty to disclose such status even as she called me a criminal -- a materially false statement that she knew was false and damaging to my reputation -- but given the character of the men that she supports, I don't exactly find her deceitful actions shocking.

Update: Retired JAG Attorney who agrees with KingCast has prepared a Motion for Injunctive Relief from her shenanigans. Read comment #5.

You wanna' step to me you better have your act together because I've got too many people supporting me and truly interested in the Cause of Justice to tolerate any BS. Just ask Defendant Ayotte, fired Chief Dunn and left-under-ethics investigation Prosecutor Bill Albrecht.

The link to the movie "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts," is in this post noting that Franconia Selectman Rich McLeod has lost his proverbial mind.


Christopher King said...

Doing the Right Thing wrote:

So, you are saying as a volunteer I'm not allowed to have an opinion in an area where I have a residence? Says whom?


As a volunteer or otherwise:
1) You have an even higher DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to present your opinions in an impartial manner.

2)Furthermore you are required to keep your personal feelings out of any post you make.

3) You DO NOT have the right to attack, berate, belittle, malign, or otherwise make any posts against any person posting in this forum.

4) Furthermore should a lawsuit be started by anyone who posts, because of the content of your posts both you and the topix owners of this forum WILL BE named as defendants in such suit.

5)CONSIDER YOURSELF PUT ON NOTICE by this post and anyone else who has posted anything similar to what I have in this post.

I would urge anyone who has been maligned, berated, belittled, attacked, libeled by Doing the Right Thing to go back through posts made by this person and cut and paste the posts in question in their entirety with all information listed and save them to your harddrive or print them off as evidence.

This will prevent any posts from mysreiously disappearing which Doing the Right Thing as an edtor can do.


[Written by a retired JAG who actually did have active service in Vietnam]

Christopher King said...

This all started when someone caught her ass a while back with this statement before she changed her handle:

DTRT in the early days? check out p. 11 of 7/25/07 post #215 by DeniseInJersey who may have then morphed to Doing the Right Thing.
She hasn't changed her stated position one bit....

"I still feel that the Floyds and McKay are heroes. I feel that both the guys, Kenney and McCaulley who killed the officer deserve to receive the fullest extent of justice's wrath for their actions. I don't like that Mr. Kenney died in the commission of his crime. That is unfortunate.

However, the Floyd's knew that they witness the murder of an officer. They knew that those two lawbreakers could have continued in a shooting rampage that would have left a lot of other citizens harmed and/or dead. Their actions were truly heroic... and what did they get for their actions???

Maligned, Terrorized by the Media and Christopher King (whom is just promoting his videos). The Floyds' did nothing for fame or forture. They did the right thing for the right reasons."

Anonymous said...

good work!

Anonymous said...

This is in response to "DO the right Thing". So let me get this straight. You want to sue Chris King because he hurt your feelings by calling you names, but you support a rogue cop like Bruce Mckay (who one year issued over 400 citations while his fellow officers averaged 40 in the same time period)Mckay who terrorized our local teenagers on a daily basis assuring they would all have negative feelings toward law enforcers for the rest of their lives. Mckay who used his power as a cop to attack, berate, belittle, malign all those who rubbed him the wrong way. Including his ex-wife. I'm still a little confused here. So you want to sue Chris because he "fired off" some words from his keyboard that struck you in the heart and made you feel like you wanted to die. But Floyd is a hero to you. A man who sold PCP and lied about it. A guy who said he served in Vietnam (but that was a lie too). A guy who said he told Liko to drop the gun. But that was a lie because we all know now that your hero floyd said nothing before he fired off a bullet straight into Liko's heart claiming his 44th victim. (unless of course he lied to the police when he told them that killing Liko was no big deal because he'd killed 43 others before). Perhaps Floyd is your hero because he hates all police and has threatened to put bullets between their eyes. Perhaps Floyd is your hero because he is paronoid and afraid of the entire world and prefers to live in isolation, I'm assuming that he does this to cut down on shooting people that bother him.
You see D.T.R.T. people tend to align themselves with those others they can relate to. When someone calls someone else a hero it is because they yearn to be just like that person. I'm not going to call you any names. I'm going to let your hero's actions speak louder than words.
The truth hurts sometimes. It hurts to hear it. And it can be dangerous and painful when you are trying to uncover it. I find it ridiculously funny that you think Chris does what he does for money. I have faith in you D.T.R.T.. I have faith that if you learned a little more about Chris and a lot more about Mckay and Floyd that you may change your opinion. Then again you may be someone who supports George Bush and his continuing war crimes in the middle east. If that is the case then I will call you one name; hopeless. And if that is the case you should probably stop reading this blog and head right over to Ann Coulter's blog. No one will hurt your feelings or tell you the truth over there.

Christopher King said...

(27 Sept 2007) from a retired Judge Advocate General to "Doing the Right Thing."

1 hr ago


I challenge you to start a topic posting examples of my unethical behavior!

Mr. Floyd in many other states would not be allowed to own or possess a firearm as a convicted felon, nor would any other family member else within the household be able to do so and keep the firearm in the same house.

I challenge you to post any Federal law that says a convicted Felon is allowed to possess/own/or use a firearm.

3) You are so hateful of Mr. King you refuse to even acknowledge the fact that Mr King has in fact represented himself Pro Se as Kingcast in numerous cases in the New Hampshire Court system and not once has he been charged or censured by any court in NH for doing so.

My Attorney in MA who is also a retired JAG has reviewed almost all of your posts over the last 36 hours. He also consulted with a retired New Hampshire Supreme Court Justice whom he served with about this matter.

They both concur based on your posts there is enough evidence RIGHT NOW to go into court and seek an Injunctive Relief Order against you and it WOULD be granted.

As of 10:00PM last night a document was drawn up, pointing out specific violations on your part in regard to the TOPIX TOS surrounding this particular blog and others you post in.

My Attorney has requested the TOPIX provide him with your personal information that you registered as a "member editor" and advised TOPIX that he is prepared to get a court order for same said information if they will not comply without one. It was mailed out and sent to:
Topix LLC
1001 Elwell Court
Palo Alto, CA 94303

He has also drawn up a Motion seeking relief under an Injunctive Court Order and any and all other relief the court may decide on our behalf.

Anonymous said...

What ever Happened to the Topix case? There is a lot of name calling and personal information going on there right now.

Any suggestions?