28 September 2007

NH AG Kelly Ayotte admits that the RSA 91-A Right to Know Oversight Committee failed to report in 2006 as required by law.

Earlier this month KingCast asked for a copy of the annual report, which was required by Law commencing in 2005. Defendant Ayotte, by and through senior staff counsel Bud Finch wrote KingCast on 27 September: "follow the links for the statutory study committees to this committees's page."

Y'all go ahead and do that, and rate the ease of access and the substance of what you find in the comments section :)

When you get there (hint: run RSA 91-A as a search term) you will see that there is only a 2004 and 2005 annual report online, although they are required by law (specifically RSA 91-A 15) to submit a report in November every year. This is important because the committee is supposed to be addressing, inter alia, the applicability of RSA 91-A to emails, which is an issue in the KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al. litigation in Grafton Superior Court, 07-E-268.

On HB 626, Governor Lynch agrees with KingCast:
" I applaud many of the recommendations codified in the proposed legislation. New definitions make it clear that records stored on computer or by electronic means are covered by the law."
There is still no definitive answer on the pending HB 626, which means the essential mission... has failed. I will point that out in Oral Argument.

O.K. Also, the report is only available in a pdf file! If all of these things don't disturb you, you're not paying attention.


Anonymous said...

Who did the shooting, whoever shot the pages need to tighten up their shot group.

Christopher King said...

As I was told by the locals, the point was to hit everything except Defendant Ayotte's signature.

Could have been from 25 yards, could have been a coupla' AK's and a 44 Magnum, just guessing from the imprint.


Lifer said...

I couldn't navigate to find the document. Are you serious? This is what they call open and accessible?

Christopher King said...

See what I mean?

You have to use RSA 91-A as a search term and then you can get there.

Wicked malfeasance if you ask me, and the fact that there is no 2006 report is going to inform my oral argument no doubt.

"Your Honor the problems the people of the North Country are having is exemplified by the government's insouciance at the highest level..... where Defendant Ayotte has refused to make her own Right-to-Know Commission follow its own Laws....."

I mean, like what the hell Kelly is going to be squirming in her seat on that, and we'll get it ALL on video for YouTube and there's really not a thing they can do about that.

At least that's what Judge Robert Lynn -- Chief Justice of the Hillsborough Superior Court -- found. Watch him say so in this video "Advocacy in Action: Then and Now" where he is so sure of his position that he "doesn't need to hear from me" to help him explain it.