20 September 2007

KingCast updates on RSA 91-A Right-to-Know requests to State Police and Defendant Ayotte in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Okay. Scans coming soon. Still putting my ends together for the CT request for information on Bruce McKay's reported shenanigans down there (think: trunk of weapon funk) and for service on Defendant Ayotte. Litigation is expensive, no joke and we are in between settlements at the firm and just started a new PT jobby job it's pretty dang cool, actually and nobody on this blawg is going to know what it is for quite some time.

I'm still waiting on the State Police response; they wrote me on 17 Sept (my request was faxed 4 Sept so they are 8 days late, whatever no lawsuit there because I don't see any pattern of Bad Faith) and they are looking into my request about their information on the Gregory Floyd "comments and actions over at Lafayette Elementary School and any other situations involving Mr. Floyd" and they expect it will take at least 30 days to make a determination on what information is properly subject to disclosure. I think about 31 days is reasonable for that considering I stopped by personally with the el cheapo KingCast disposable camera of the people on my way to file last week. No hot Russian girls with Nikon D50's running around right now (no offense, Oliver) but it's ALL GOOD :)

In other news, Defendant Ayotte's office wrote that it will take "approximately two weeks" to determine what, if any documents they possess that are responseive to my request for updated copies of communications with past and presently-elected officials from 1 Aug. to 17 Sept 2007 (oh I know for fact there's some Good Stuff in there) and the annual reports for the Right-to-Know Oversight Commission, which are required by law since 2005, per RSA 91-A:11 et seq. The correspondence should have issued immediately and I even told them they could just give me a link to the online Right-to-Know reports that should after all be online given the subject matter, duh.

So that's just as unacceptable as their response to Caledonian Record reporter Amy Ash Nixon that they couldn't comment on the lawsuit because they had not been served. Anyone who reads this blawg knows I have electronically provided them courtesy copies while service is pending. How dilatory, disingenuous and evasive can you get?

Your taxdollars hard at work, just as they were when Defendant Ayotte and her LE posse tried to hook me for Attempted Felony Extortion and Unlicensed Practice of Law when I was Legal Chair of Southern NH NAACP when I went after another fool cop named Marty Dunn. One would think they would learn.


Christopher King said...

Overheard at Kelly's baby shower:

"What can you do about that King bastard?"

"Nothing. I had hoped he would crash his motorcycle or something. Marty and I already had a go at him and he dusted us even though we stained the hell out of him. We thought we had put him down back then but the guy's no dummy and he knows his Constitutional Rights, just as Liko did back in 2003 when he told Bruce he had no right to keep him there without good cause."

"Oh, wow."

"Yeah it's unfortunate that cop-killer kid Liko's friends and other folks in Franconia called on him because now so many people out there know and understand their rights, including RSA 91-A and they are going to be diligent Patriots now. Governments will actually be held accountable."

"Oh, wow."

"Now he says in his Caledonian Record blawg post he's going to use his short film as part of his oral argument and I don't want to sit through that.... I had it all planned out when I put out the 2003 video before the 2007 video that would be all the video the World needed to see about Liko Kenney. I guess I was wrong."

"Oh, wow."

KingCast says: "Oh, yeahhh....."

Note: Parody. I did not hear that conversation and it does not fit in a temporal sense because Defendant Ayotte's baby shower would have obviously been several months ago. However Kelly's friend is my next-door neighbor -- right across the friggin' street and we watched the July 4th fireworks together and she told me:

"They've never been pushed like this before."

And in fact I did in return say,

"Oh, wow."

Anonymous said...

I have somebody in Franconia that wants to talk with you. They read the Caledonian article. No worries for you, but for the "opposition", this is just the type of person they don't want coming out. A high profile and respected business person.

Email on the way

Christopher King said...


Amen my brother/sister.

As you know, all confidences over which I have absolute control have always been maintained.