10 September 2007

KingCast sends Huckster's bullshit right back at him, with a vengeance.

You know, like Death Cab for Cutie; Bullshit Bag for Huckster.

Dear Huckster:

I sat back while you told countless lies about me while I finished the Motion and my film maker finished the short film. As those are now essentially complete I'm going to give you a third eye in front of everyone: See comments.

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Christopher King said...

You have no witnesses to me allegedly lying to you but I have a very credible one who says I didn't, I have pictures that imply that I didn't and I have contemporaneous emails to Attorney X that show exactly what I represented in terms of money and costs; production vs. editing. And I bet if I call my forensic specialiast I can retrieve the bcc emails to you on that as well.

I can show that your actions caused me harm in the eyes of the community (that's called Defamation) and I can to tell your employer tomorrow that you smoke weed out because I saw you do it. That is my lawful right so don't even go the extortion route; the State has been there, done that and I sent them packing.

If I don't get a written apology from you in the next week you can sit back and wait for a lawsuit to hit your Dilbert (or do you have a McOffice yet?), served through your HR department, probably with your notice of termination. Kiss your little BMW goodbye and wait until the North Country finds out that you're a liarhead when you move up there to retire with the rest of your 401K that you won't have when your employer shows you the door -- you little Arayan prick who wouldn't even call me back before going public with an alleged complaint. I got your IP address and all of that bro'.

I might be "just" a waiter and a law clerk right now, but I will rock your World and you had better watch your step:

"Careful son, I'm smarter than you."

As such, don't ever lie about me again and keep my name from out your mouth and your keystroke.

You have been warned.