04 September 2007

KingCast publishes nasty emails at NH AG Kelly Ayotte's office showing false statements and unlawful bias in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Okay. This is a follow-up to the "Tools of the Trade" post. Someone wrote me the other day and said I would get "clobbered" in Court.

I doubt that.

Read the earlier post on public records requests today documenting more lies by Gregory Floyd.

I start with the Affidavit of Jeffery Jesseman, followed by the email exchange between Attorney X and Kelly Ayotte (one and two) where she makes a statement she cannot prove about Bruce McKay not touching his gun, and then on to the hateful emails From Strelzin calling the Public Defenders "absurd," then another one where he decries the lawful right of Attorney Sisti to conduct an investigation, and another one in which he goes offline to keep that nasty email trail down with State Rep. McLeod (whose husband is a Defendant in the pending lawsuit) to talk about Yours Truly. Read the comments section to see about how that conversation went. I note that Strelzin has refused to provide a copy of his CV. That's nonsense. This man is the Homicide Section Chief so I'll be adding that into the Motion for Declaratory Judgment. The public has a right to see an AG Section Chief resume, every day it does.

By his deeds shall a man be known.... and a woman. See Volton Craiggie. Kelly did her deeds and I'm doing mine with the help from the Community. I am fully comfortable with mine in Liko Motion 4.0 (90% finished), now it will be time to see how comfortable she and Attorney Strelzin are with theirs, the apparently unsigned Official Report, which was finished before it started. And let's not forget State Rep. Martha McLeod, who is trying to cover up for her hubby Dick McLeod, a Franconia Selectman and soon-to-be Defendant in at least one legal action, and likely more.



Anonymous said...

not a very good picture, four-wheelers in a river bed. How many times did they go to this spot, how many times did they cross the river, how much erosion did they cause to the fragile river banks of the Gail River. Liko only cared about his own brand of fun to hell with anything else. you might want to post this I'll will return and post if and when your site is taking comments.

Christopher King said...

There ya' go, something special just for you!

How's that picture. Liko pulling his shoe off.

Oh, I know. He wore that shoe while he was crossing the fragile banks of the Gail River....

Frankly, I'm a little more interested in what Gregory Floyd and Bruce McKay do for fun, so I've got some public information requests out on that.

Got any ideas?

And oh, have you yet taken issue with WMUR or Union Leader about their forums that selectively publish comments?

See, my comments have been FULLY OPEN for 2+ years now, and theirs have never been fully open.

And mine will return to FULLY OPEN in less than a week.

So you might want to answer that question, then and here it is again so you don't miss it:

Have you taken issue with any other publication on open posting, and if so can you show me the documentation that supports your claim?

Because if not, you're just a random blowhard.

Anonymous said...

I completely respect your pursuit of making civilian review boards mandatory ... however I am dissuaded by your readily apparent desire to defend the actions of Liko Kenney during his encounters with Franconia law enforcement. He has been described by his own family, friends and co-workers as paranoid and violent. His own uncle had an order of protection against him. People in this country are given licenses to drive when they prove themselves worthy of the PRIVILEGE. Liko thought it was his right. Police officers have every right to ask for identification when you are behind the wheel of an automobile. Officer McKay was not using deadly force when he pushed Liko's car further back into the lot on 5/11. Liko was never in danger that day. He did, however, prove himself as noncompliant when he left the scene of the initial stop, and shot Officer McKay when his back was turned. The theory you have about an order existing that allowed Liko to ask for another officer whenever stopped by Officer McKay completely calls your integrity into question, because as an attorney you should know that no judge or law enforcement agency would allow a civilian to subvert an officer's authority in that way, or any way. I could go on and on, but your missives are quite full of unsubstantiated theories and heresay.

Christopher King said...

Thank you for your comment.

First of all, my missives are not full of unsubstantiated theories, dammit.

1. There is a bullet hole in Liko's windshield that he did not put there. So either Floyd or McKay did. We need to figure out how that happened. Or is that not important to you? Again, if there is a bullet hole in the windshield and Floyd shot it, then it means he didn't speak with Liko prior to shooting. And if McKay shot it then it means he DID "have his hand on his gun" in direct contrast to what Kelly wrote to Attorney X. Then we have to figure out at what point he had his hand on his gun and believe me he DID have his hand on his gun because Caleb, Shooter Floyd and Junior ALL say that the gun was loose or in McKay's hand.

It is entirely possible that McKay went for his gun and that Liko saw that and shot him.

Look man/woman, Liko is not the only person who would shoot a cop who just violated use of deadly force and OC Spray guidelines like that. If McKay have even said

"Halt. I am writing you a ticket and calling an ambulance because I just pepper sprayed you" he would likely be alive today. But to f*ck with Liko like that (and if you read my Motion you know Liko told him in 2003 he was a mental health patient) is to invite your own demise.

And so it came to be.

And if you read my lawsuit carefully we know that McKay did indeed apparently go for his heat back in 2003 when Liko told him "don't even think about it."

2. There are bullet holes shot by Floyd that wound up in McKenzie's house and barn, as noted at pp. 26-27 of the oficial report. We need to find out how in the hell they got there if Floyd had just "put his arm in the window and shot Liko while holding Caleb back."

3. I just finished printing pdf. 848 where Floyd flat out lies to Sgt. West about the extent of his law problems and likely lied about what kind of guns he has in the house.


Next, I have transcribed the language between Liko and McKay and it shows that McKay likely violated Liko's Miranda Rights, not to mention his Fourth Amendment Rights.

You are aware that Judge Cyr found all of those Fox Hill arrests Unconstitutional, or is that important to you or not?

I've got some sealed affidavits about McKay's other activities in Fox Hill Park, to boot. It ain't purdy.

So yes Liko was agitated and I have publicly said as much. But he was agitated because McKay was violating his damn Civil Rights.

As to Liko's other activities you should read more carefully. No one is saying he was an angel (although I bet you don't know the full stories behind any of the family disputes but that's not to get into right now except I will tell you that there was a serious concern with Tristan having that gun that he stole from Liko, which he had every right to have at home.

There was a report that the gun may have even been discharged but I have not had time to verify that.

Point is, Liko reported that to the police who did NOTHING.


Christopher King said...

"Liko was never in danger that day."

With Bruce McKay at the helm there is no way you can say that.

And he certainly was in danger when McKay shoved that damn Tahoe down his throat and maced him so heavily.

Are you aware that people can DIE from that amount of OC Spray?


Christopher King said...

"and shot Officer McKay when his back was turned..."

What empirical or statistical or observational proof do you have of that?

Go on.

Please do tell.

McKay was shot in his side and his gun was out, all three (3) surviving witnesses agree to that.

Anonymous said...

This is anonymous again - real name is Ted. I can reasonably and logically conclude that McKay was shot when his back was turned because fractions of a second before he leaves the view of the dashboard camera, he is seen walking away from Liko as he sat in his car. Fractions of a second later, Liko stretches both hands out of the car and fires his gun in the direction of McKay, and can clearly be seen tracking and continuing to fire at McKay as he attempts to retreat behind his vehicle. Because some of the bullet wounds are said to be on McKay's "side" does not mean the shots were not fired from behind or while the officer was retreating. At the very least, any speculation on your part that McKay was facing Liko when he was shot or otherwise behaving in such a manner that justifies Liko killing him at that moment ... is equal to my speculation to the contrary ... because McKay is not visible on the video at the moment he is shot and thus puts us both at an impasse.

I am willing to speculate, just as you often do about many things in this case, that McKay reached for his gun when he realized he was taking fire. I would also speculate that his training kicked in and that he also realized that he was extremely vulnerable and finding cover was more important than attempting to return fire at that moment. It appears completely fathomable that one or more of Liko's very first shots struck McKay and McKay was never in a position to return fire, even if he wanted to.

The question about the bullet hole in Liko's windshield ... we do not see any evidence of the windshield being hit by gunfire on the tape, and all witnesses able to do so say that by the time Liko drives his car out of view of the tape, Officer McKay had been incapacitated. So it is very unlikely that the bullethole, if it does exist, came from Officer McKay's actions. I might add that you do not question WHEN the windshield suffered this damage. We must first establish when the windshield suffered this alleged damage before we try to ascertain who fired the gun that did it.

If Floyd Sr., however, did fire the bullet that struck Liko's windshield, it would certainly be within reason to assume he did so as Liko positioned his car in what appeared to be a threatening manner to Floyd Sr. and his son. Perfectly reasonable, then, to understand Floyd's actions of self-defense, just as you allege, and hence, understand, Liko's attempts at self-defense from McKay.

Further, Floyd Sr. asked Liko to disarm himself, as is corroborated by Caleb, and Liko did not do so. Agreed, Liko was under no obligation to respond to another civilian's orders, but my point here is to refute any suggestion that Floyd Sr. did not attempt to talk to Liko before firing the fatal shots.

It is clear that Floyd Sr. lied in interviews because he was afraid of what might happen to him as a result of his past run-ins with the law, not because of his involvement in any larger conspiracy or to cover up his actions on 5/11.

Just as we question what McKay was doing at the time Liko opened fire on 5/11, I must also question your assertion that Liko, during the 2003 altercation, said "Don't even think about it" in response to McKay reaching for his gun. Did YOU SEE McKay reaching for his gun? Liko could have been saying that about a number of things - McKay could have been reaching for his handcuffs, or he could have been reaching for something else and Liko, in his visibly agitated and paranoid state, misinterpreted it as something else.

I gotta stop here for now.

Christopher King said...


because McKay is not visible on the video at the moment he is shot and thus puts us both at an impasse.

....Exactly. But Kelly has no more information that could conclusively allow her to tell Attorney X (who as you note is a seaoned litigator) that McKay never even touched his gun. That's ludicrous and indicative of the pro-cop anti-Liko bias of this investigation, so in effect we are in agreement.

If Floyd Sr., however, did fire the bullet that struck Liko's windshield, it would certainly be within reason to assume he did so as Liko positioned his car in what appeared to be a threatening manner to Floyd Sr. and his son...

.....Except that his son already said at p. 745 that Liko did not try to run the officer over but that he stopped. You can just as readily infer he was trying to get home and became confused seeing all of that crap in front of him but the bottom line is that he did not strike the officer until AFTER he was shot at. And remember you've got Liko going blind in about 15 seconds after that whallop of OC Spray.

"I might add that you do not question WHEN the windshield suffered this damage. We must first establish when the windshield suffered this alleged damage before we try to ascertain who fired the gun that did it."

.....I have noted on prior occasion, and you can see from the video that the windshield is not shot before 6pm on 5/11.

......Funny thing is, I am about to scan and post pdf. 952 which is a detailed sketch of one of the stray bullet entries to McKenzie's property. Why no such evaluation for the windshield bullet?

You cannot explain that, brother.

And who knows what Bruce was reaching for in 2003, perhaps it was his penis-shaped knife. Under Seal Affidavit on that but here is the post.

As to Floyd being nervous about his past, that gave him no reason to lie about it or to exlude relevant information.

That makes him a liar (just as his Vietnam Experience indicates) and his statements not worthy of the credence attached to them by Kelly in one day.

Heck, if you want to go by that rationale don't dare ever use anything Caleb might have said that was engratiating to the PD because for Crissakes he was HANDCUFFED and treated as more of a murder suspect than was Floyd even though Caleb had no such altercations with the Law.

Christopher King said...

Also Ted:

P. 42 of the Official Report:

"Floyd was unarmed at the time he witnessed Liko Kenney shoot Cpl. McKay and then strike Cpl. McKay with his vehicle."

No he wasn't. Or I suppose that bullet hole in the windshield just majestically got there, huh?

Then there is the matter of the Grafton Dispatch narrative at pp 382 and 391:

“One bald man standing over officer with gun,”


"Bald-headed man with a pistol standing over the officer."

Remember, Floyd is not standing over McKay after Liko hit him so that means he WAS armed before Liko struck him.

Armed and quite dangerous.


See what I mean, rubber bean?

Kelly's report is inconsistent all the way through and through.

Christopher King said...

Ted, read this carefully, along with the comment and give me your honest response.


Christopher King said...

I mean, you do recognize that our exchange, just like so many others, has helped shape this Motion in substantial part.

Folks come in to the blawg, either well-intentioned (as you seem to be) or even as haters, but they help me hone the arguments.

It's truly ingenious and quite resourceful.

As they say in NASCAR:

"You run whatcha' brung!"


Anonymous said...

"...Kelly has no more information that could conclusively allow her to tell Attorney X (who as you note is a seaoned litigator) that McKay never even touched his gun."

You're right. We're in agreement there.

And actually, I am reading your Motion for Declaratory Judgment and although you still make claims I seriously doubt you can prove (such as the claim that McKay was reaching for his gun in 2003), if the transcripts you include are in fact accurate, you are certainly opening holes in this investigation.

And if I am helping you hone your arguments, so be it.

Namaste yourself -


Christopher King said...

Now THERE'S a beautiful thing. I was just about to shut down the computer and made one sweep and saw your post waiting for moderation; the comments will be open again in a few days when the short film goes up.

The reason I left that there (the questionable item about going for his gun) is that that leaves Kelly to say "Oh no he wasn't, he was going for his cuffs, or he was going for his OC Spray," whatever he was going for it was unnecessary in that environment of a Fourth Amendment violation :)

Rap soon brother,