04 September 2007

KingCast Public Information requests on Gregory W. Floyd and Bruce McKay for deceitful, allegedly dangerous and threatening activity in NH, MA and CT.

Okay. This is a follow up to this post, confirming that the NH State Police have a file on Gregory Floyd for threatening behavior at Layfayette Elementary School -- you know State Rep. McLeod -- where lots of women and children are present. Just consider it your constituent base. But then too it is also your husband Dick's constituent base because he's a Defendant in the forthcoming lawsuit, as a Franconia Selectman caught with his head in the sand and with feet of clay.
1. Request to NH State Police on Shooter Floyd.
2. Request to Townsend Mass Police on Shooter Floyd.
3. Request to CT on McKay for apprehension with weapons.

Remember, I told you a long time ago on 3 June 2007 in this post that I had serious questions about where and how Floyd obtained Bruce McKay's gun for a number of reasons I might not have articulated at such time, but now those reasons may be fully shared, as I will in the next post. They involve allegations made by NH AG Kelly Ayotte to Attorney X, as noted in pages one and two of this email exchange.
"I know that this is not NH Law, this is NH Politics," he writes.

He is correct. But KingCast, the Mark Sisti Law offices and the people of Franconia are going to fight back in our own individual and distinct, yet collective ways, and that my friends is the beauty or our purportedly free society in America and in the "Live Free and Die" State. Liko Kenney could not live free from a "bully cop" like Bruce McKay, so he died.

The full measure and role of Bruce McKay's and Shooter Floyd's involvments in that death remains to be seen, but there is substantially more than what NH AG Kelly Ayotte has told, or wants us to know, and that is why the KingCast lawsuit seeks to make her place the Investigative files online so everyone can take a look and see how well she handled this case. After all, she should be proud of her work, right?

But she can't be. Check this out on Bruce McKay's gun and how Floyd got it and whether Kelly can prove that McKay never touched it:

Pdf 848 Floyd Interview Sgt. West asks Floyd "So then it was the officer's gun that you saw on the ground and picked up and fired?" to which Floyd answers "Yes." At one point Floyd said the gun came flying out the window of the "bandits" car, but we know that to be absolutely, unequivocally FALSE. So then McKay did touch his gun, but at what point? It is possible the he went for it, just off camera (as he apparently did in 2003) and Liko's pre-emptive shot took him out.

One thing we cannot do is to trust Gregory Floyd because he is a liar:

Q. "Pdf 898: Do you have any firearms at your house?"
A. "No. Well my, my wife had a firearm uh a Glock twenty-three..."
KingCast says: Doubtful, dude. Here is what you've got in your house according to Robert Every, you lying maniac:
Merwin Herbert 32 cal.
Glock 9mm
Ithica 12 ga.
Rugar Model 233
Rugar Black Hawk

Note that Sgt. West could have called him on this because he tells Floyd at 898 that he was part of the search team back in '97. It gets better:

Q: "Pdf 899: Any other brushes with the law?"
A: "Uh, I got into it with the meter reader guy."
KingCast says: Doubtful, dude. You totally failed to tell hiim about the things you did and said at Lafayette Elementary School that caused Chief Every to conduct a search warrant at your crib. Read what every said in the very first link to this post.

Stay tuned for the next post, with the scandalous emails to and from the AG's office that clearly evince unlawful bias on the part of the AG's office.

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