06 September 2007

KingCast presents: Rappin' with Ted about the Franconia shooting tragedy.

A reasonable brother with whom I have some differences and I are using this blawg as it was supposed to be used: As a tool of sociopolitical and legal discourse to create this final Motion.

Here is his recent comment tonight at this post about the nasty emails at the AG's office; my response is in the comments section and the picture is from this post after 20/20 called me.

Anonymous said...

"...Kelly has no more information that could conclusively allow her to tell Attorney X (who as you note is a seaoned litigator) that McKay never even touched his gun."

You're right. We're in agreement there.

And actually, I am reading your Motion for Declaratory Judgment and although you still make claims I seriously doubt you can prove (such as the claim that McKay was reaching for his gun in 2003), if the transcripts you include are in fact accurate, you are certainly opening holes in this investigation.

And if I am helping you hone your arguments, so be it.

Namaste yourself -
5:03 PM


Christopher King said...

Oh, yes those transcripts ARE indeed accurate.


Now THERE'S a beautiful thing. I was just about to shut down the computer and made one sweep and saw your post waiting for moderation; the comments will be open again in a few days when the short film goes up.

The reason I left that there (the questionable item about going for his gun) is that that leaves Kelly to say "Oh no he wasn't, he was going for his cuffs, or he was going for his OC Spray," whatever he was going for it was unnecessary in that environment of a Fourth Amendment violation :)

Rap soon brother,


5:08 PM

Anonymous said...

We do not know what McKay was reaching for, it might have been Liko, it might have been, his handcuffs, it might have been his OC, it might have been his sidearm, it might have been his bazooka, it might have been his WMD, it might have been a dozen roses, it might have been a haqm sandwich, Liko was thinking about becoming a muslim, it might have been anything, but you ruin what ever credibility you had by saying, without a shred of evidence, he was going for his gun.

Christopher King said...

And I suppose Kelly loses no credibility by saying without equivocation that McKay "never even had his hand on his gun" when we know that to be FALSE, we just don't know when he first touched it.

So before I send the brief in I say "apparently" or "possibly."

Happy now?

And what about Floyd's credibility, which is a bit more important considering he lied to the investigators because he is indeed a damn PCP felon:

One and Two, read it and weep.

Anonymous said...

If for a fact McKay did get a chance to try to pull out his firearm, good for him, I would be glad. His training took over in a life or death situation and he responded correctly by trying to face that threat. You are just mincing words and have the luzury of picking apart everything the AG said at your leaisure.

Christopher King said...

just mincing words......

We wouldn't be having this discussion if McKay had actually USED some words instead of potentially lethal force because it violates every tenet of police procedure to use OC Spray like that without a command or directive, especially when you have a history with someone going back to when you violated their Fourth Amendment Rights and then lost the use of force report and the police report.

Kelly is a licensed attorney. She picks her words carefully -- except I have an email from her where she admits she was "miffed" at Attorney X so perhaps that clouded her judgment, which would be.... unprofessional.

Like I said:

It is unfortunate that these two men are dead, but I was telling this Jamaican brother of mine the story and he said his brother is a police officer who looked at him when they watched the video and said:

"Hey mon you do that to me like that and I shoot you again and again and again...."

Anonymous said...

You are just mincing words and have the luzury of picking apart everything the AG said at your leaisure.

au contraire! i'd say it was kelly who exercised the luxury of clearing her plate of the deaths of two men in less than the time it takes to enjoy a leisurely brunch
to shelve the deepest issues of Liko's rights.

chris? well, he just happens to show up and stand up for what should be and what will be. i highly doubt it's been a walk in the park for him, given the immense devotion of time and self, that is driven by a passion for justice.

i see this as less about winning and losing as heightened awareness and positive change. the losses have already taken place, but something better needs to rise from the debris.

thanx for reading.....

Christopher King said...


Exactly. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Nothing is going to bring these two men back, but the bigger loss is to have our government continue to propagate lies and deception about material facts in this case.

Take a look in the new post at how Sgt. West, Kelly Ayotte and State Rep. Martha McLeod all conspired to protect Floyd and cover up the material lies he made, then consider the detailed bullet hole analysis that Kelly conducted of the McKenzie barn but nothing on the bullet hole that Floyd put in Liko's windshield even though nobody died in the barn or even got shot there.

That's stupid, Kelly. And you're not that stupid so you're covering up your other lie that Floyd talked to Liko before killing him:


Here is what Gregory W. Floyd said:

Page 20/1,000:

"Did you say anything before you fired?"

"No, I didn't"

Here is what Caleb Macaulay said:

Page 11 of official report:
"The man said nothing before he fired."

Page 700: "When I saw that gun I went down like this and that's all I saw and if I did not do that I wouldn't be, I wouldn't be here today."

Page 701: "He did, did he say anything?" "He said nothing. He started shooting."


....which in turn covers up your other lie that Floyd was unarmed when Liko ran into McKay.


And we know Floyd shot the windshield because McKay "never even had his hand on his gun," according to Kelly's email, last large paragraph.

The blood of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay will wash over the souls of the Franconia Selectmen, Kelly Ayotte, Jeffery Strelzin, Russell Conte, Chuck West and any and all other elected or appointed officials who continue to try to keep material facts from the New Hampshire and American Public.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Charles Duffy said...

It's a $ 1.68 for Your M and M's.

So your dollar is worth about four cents.

Our law enforcement is worth about six cent's. Your governemnt is worth about two cents.

Maybe you get it.

Did your rent go up but your wages went down?

What about likos heath care plan?

The insurance companies made out because Mackay and Liko are off the plan.