09 September 2007

KingCast presents: Paypal, a phone call from Bruce McKay's family to NH AG Kelly Ayotte, and the schooling KingCast gave her last year.

He-heh.... I'll have no idea exactly what was said off the email chain between NH AG Homicide Chief Jeffery Strelzin (who refuses to provide the public his resume, BTW) and Jennifer Hunt. That's beyond the ambit of the Right-to-Know lawsuit and potentially beyond the scope of the Sisti litigation as well, but we'll see.

Also interesting is this email noting that litigation over the UPL case with me "was... difficult." I contend that's a euphemism for "I sent them packing," but whatever the case if they thought that litigation was difficult......

I know the this week's short video "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts" will contain a pan of the AG's office and the bank on the same storefront, which is interesting, but I'm not sure if this amazing capture of the Statehouse made it in. If not, it will be ready for round two as we set up a Paypal account to cover expenses for bringing up sound on selected portions of Liko's funeral footage and covering court hearings and such. Didn't want to put one up until the lawsuit was filed and the first video completed; too many naysayers out there.

Well we've got plenty coming for them, and plenty for the lovers, too.



Christopher King said...

I'll put it this way:

Kelly doesn't win this lawsuit either way. I want the investigative files hosted online pursuant to the persuasive case law of Unincorporated Operating Div. of Ind. Newspapers, Inc. v. Trustees of Indiana University, 787 N.E.2d 893 (Ind. App. 4 Cir. 2003).

Basically the Indianapolis Star, where I used to work, made the Trustees (who were lawyers)release the full file on an investigation involving Basketball coaching legend and freak-of-nature Bobby Knight.

On a tangential note, here is a good clip of him cussing, along with Johnny Mac and some other folks; it is an NPR Story at the last link on "Sports Friday."

Mac: You cannot be serious! Chalk flew up!!!

Knight: I did not come in here Sunday to get my ass beat on Monday!!!

Good stuff :)


Either the Court Orders her to place the investigative files online, in which case she clearly loses.

But if she wins and preserves the right not to place the investigative files online after she has clearly waived privilege to them and provided them at cost to media, everyone is going to wonder "why not, whatcha' hiding?"

My parents didn't raise no dummies.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Ayotte is cruel. She will cost the state of NH millions with this level of malfeasance. She has broken trust and broken laws. She has politicized justice for her own gain. She is a danger to NH turning the granite state into a rogue state -- a haven for abusive cops with OC addictions. Please Kelly, for the sake of the young generation restrain your attack cops -- liberty is almost dead.

Charles Duffy said...

If only the statue of man can live up with the rest of humanity. If then, we could vote for a true politician.