07 September 2007

KingCast presents in the Franconia shooting tragedy: May it please the court......

Here's the Clerk letter and Motion. This week the comments section will reopen and we will be hosting the video trailer:
"Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts,"
at YouTube and beyond.

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Anonymous said...

in the year 2007 Chris King did great work. A man of passion and depth, he understood the great injustice Liko endured, and in his true form, he was a victim's advocate. He has listened to the people of Franconia, and discerned the truth. His ability to request and deconstruct legal documents is greatly appreciated and is enlightening. Liko would have been proud of Chris for many things including his strength to stand against a culture that would railroad him. Ostricized himself, Liko was a talented and interesting man. No one that knew his issues, stood up with him against McKay, Silently though they wanted to. Now that I know, and we know, and i know y'all know, It becomes possible to empathize -- to understand. Liko killed an abuser... his abuser, an abuser of others. He was defending himself, and he was defending us. At the Dutch Treat above the jon it said "thank you Liko." Our country and our judicial system failed Liko and his family. This system is failing us currently. I miss Liko, I will miss him all my life. Chris King has been a great friend and proven himself because he stood up when y'all sat down. What will you do without your freedom? Some of us don't fret about that because we have friends like Chris King. Civil Rights My Brother! Liko, do a back flip up there... I know you got in. We've got your back Liko, and as you already knew, we roll deep. Don't Mess with Chris, he is true and he is right. Liko -- we will win this one together, collectively. This will be a story a good man will teach his son. And Liko's awesome spirit will live from this day to the ending of the world. And we in it shall be remebered, we few, we happy few, we band of brothers.