08 September 2007

KingCast presents: Huckster redux.

Okay Man. Are you willing to testify about this situation where the audio of Caleb's interview was not audible in your BMW? You can do it under seal if you want. Because no matter how much you dislike me, and incorrectly assert that we never discussed production vs. editing costs, the bottom line here is Justice, and you can help in that endeavor. Please advise, but whatever you do don't lie this time because there's the damn proof right there big as day when we memorialized the occasion. Part of your money went for this very purpose, as we discussed. I mean, like you don't remember that or what? You were starting to make me upset for a minute there.

West Coast Huckster: You-know-who says knock it off.


Christopher King said...

Sushi and Perrier makes you smarter. You can't see the sushi but the Perrier is on the door.

So c'mon Big Boi what's it gonna' be about. You gonna' be about it or be without it?


Christopher King said...

Oh, and a witness to the entire discussion with Huckster has come forward on the topix board and you can see by the Campton, NH post that it sure ain't me:

So, I guess this Huckster fellow can expect a refund, too?
I thought not....

It is as King says it is, the $$ was going to pay the video producer for his work that day and all that could be expected from that are stills until there is enough money to finish production. I was there.

Stills have been provided and used. I know you want to say they are all of King, but that is because noone was willing to have their likeness used, which has been and still is being honored.

Short trailer this week because of additional funds collected since.

A donation, and it was made clear that is what it was, isn't a loan. He is not obligated to pay anything back. The Kingcast startup was a loan, it has been paid.