12 September 2007

KingCast presents: High Crimes and Treason? Fighting for Civil Rights in Franconia New Hampshire for Liko Kenney.

What a crescendo.... the first of several, in fact, so off we go to file the RSA 91-A Right-to-Know lawsuit for Liko Kenney and Justice.

Coincidentally there is another brand new case of police brutality; and soon the short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."

To prepare we drank some dank hefeweisen tonight and rode the skateboard. It's a BIG skateboard with some big old wheels and precision swiss bearings and it just flat flies down Beasom Hill -- a white-knuckle tour -- kind of like riding past Shooter Floyd's gate, or filing a 43-page Motion against the most powerful lawyers in the State. We flew as two Patriots fly into battle, concerned but competent. I got the high-speed wobs after I disrespected its power by wearing some damn Madden moccasins on it...

I made sure to pull it together though, because I always do.

Don't ever disrespect the power of small, simple machines Kelly. The Franconia Collective won't let you.

Still a puzzle: The State's non-response on Gregory Floyd's record.
Most disturbing post: The approach of the first bullet.
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Charles Duffy said...

I my understanding that the poverty stricken back shores of New jersey next to the airport and the Budweiser Plant wouldn't even have this type of police conduct, Let alone Franconia Notch?

This is when the police don't understand their place or actions.

Ok. If this happened on the back streets in the city of Your choice....

Then cop's wouldn't dare to come around anymore..

What we end up with in franconia should be a more interesting result in the long run.

Answer: People Afraid of Cops?

Yes, at all levels and any level and in any city or town.

Thanks for pressing the issue for those who don't know.

Christopher King said...

BTW there is an additional Request for Relief, #9 and it reads as follows:

Plaintiff seeks Declaratory Judgment that the facts of this case, most particularly those at pp. 21 and 33 indicate that Gregory Floyd issued false statements in the investigation in a manner not dissimilar to that witnessed by former NH AG Peter Heed in his official investigation of the Manchester Catholic Diocese.

One cannot believe what it's like to prepare a Motion like this; you look all over your office and there's 7 copies of Appendices everywhere.

You look in your living room and there's 7 copies of Attachments everywhere.

You look on the other side of the living room and there's 7 copies of the Motion sitting there.

Fortunately everything matches up, and we're on the road.


Christopher King said...


The question of treason is all a matter of perspective. Reasonable minds could argue it is Kelly Ayotte -- and not us -- who should be tried for treason for violating the principles of Justice on which our Country is allegedly based in an investigation replete with inconsistencies and flat out lies to cover the (in)actions of Franconia Selectmen, Bruce McKay and Gregory Floyd.