06 September 2007

KingCast presents: The final version of RSA 91-A Motion for Declaratory Judgment for Liko Kenney and for a healthier New Hampshire.

Here it is. Because only a child is innocent. And because our government in this instance certainly is not.


Anonymous said...

take a look at the picture...you see a younger man interested in nature with his entire life ahead of him. who could have imagined it would become so complicated?
so, it's not all black and white...and it's important to arrive on the other side of the losses of two men with a resolve to right what was wrong. only then will there be a difference, and it all won't have been in vain.

Christopher King said...


McKay and Floyd had twice as long as Liko to mature they remained a couple of pricks to the end.

Liko wanted to go away and raise chickens, not harrass the youth or be a three time felon.