23 September 2007

A KingCast post for the Kenneys, the Haywards and the McKays.

May the best properties and the Good Spirits of your sons carry forward. For Liko, we filed an RSA 91-A Right-to-Know lawsuit and then made a short film:

"Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts." For Serry, I met his father Robbie as noted in this post, and look forward to having him our our next movie so we can talk about the Dragonfly if he so desires. And for Bruce, I have held his inappropriate actions high for the World to see how and why the system failed him; a man who carried a gun, a badge and the imprimatur of state-sanctiuoned authority with our hard-earned tax dollars.

While all of these men had Good Spirits in some ways, the mass media is a bit substantially less likely to discuss the Good Spirits and positive qualities of the first two men, and that's why I'm here, as a former photojournalist, editor and reporter who is fed up with mass media.

Robbie I hope you get this message today, brother. Peace.


Lifer said...

Happy Birthday Robby! You're a good man and father. God Bless!

Christopher King said...


He was a pleasure to meet and I just emailed him the link in case he hasn't seen it.