12 September 2007

KingCast is in love with the Brazilian Girls.

Well not literally but they sure are pretty cool.


Christopher King said...

"We are not a jam band... we are a band that jams!"


Anonymous said...

So that filing is taken care of now and the Grafton County Court has it and everyone has been served as promised, correct?

Christopher King said...

Oliver and I are whippin' up to Franconia tonight to file in the a.m.

As noted in the "priceless" post (just run a word search) then we will give the Motion to the Sheriffs of Grafton and Merrimack to serve.

Additional information that has changed for your edification:

I am including a copy of the appendix, the Sealed Affidavit material and perhaps Attachment 11 with the pleading and the balance of the Attachments next week.

Peace, Aloha, namaste.