07 September 2007

KingCast explains the Ohio Department of Administrative Services manner of management toward Jet Centerfold Rachel Perry.

Put that drool back in your mouth 'cos it's time for the Rachel Perry show! Rachael hollered at me today. She was a client of mine back in Columbus, Ohio who suffered all matter of disrepectful actions and commentary from her boss, Department of Administrative Services Director Leonard Aquilino, who had actually already been suspended for falsification, passing himself off as an physician. Sources informed me that he used to use the old black man who washed his Corvette in the basement to scout for the new meat; she basically told him to go to hell so then of course she had some employment problems, fancy that.

Ohio was a sick place in many ways. I won't even repeat what that loser Aquilino said in the workplace because I have moved to a non-profane format in the past several months, but you can check it out right here. I'm glad to see she made Jet, she deserves that and more.

We sued over that, it got a write up like this one in the alternative paper Columbus Alive (that since got bought out by the Columbus Dispatch and is now worthless) but by then they were running me out of town and they just kept lying and lying and Rachel eventually moved, to where I'll not say and you don't need to know.


Charles Duffy said...

There is no way Floyd Shot liko Kenney.

The system shot Liko.

The system didn't like his cousin either.

A dead world Cup skier is harder to conceal.

Christopher King said...

Who is this 'system' and how can I avoid it?



Anonymous said...

I think the AG is culpable for McKay, clearly she felt comfortable enough to speak at his funeral. Torpedos away! How many days were the American Flags at half-staff in NH? What was the official reason? Shame on whom exactly? It seems obvious to me that Kelly Ayotte played politics with justice. Or was it the Governor? Where exactly is the law in the rogue state of NH?

Christopher King said...

I don't know but we are about to find out.


Christopher King said...

From the email tip jar:

Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 06:27:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Rachel Perry"
Subject: Re: The blawg entry
To: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

LOL. Great reading!!! Keep in touch!

.....You know I will!