07 September 2007

KingCast explains the facts to a jackass at Topix.net who says Floyd was not convicted of PCP sales & didn't tell material lies in Franconia shooting.

I hate to be an ogre, but it's pretty plain to see at Attachments one and two that Floyd plead GUILTY in case no. 81R-68 to marijuana and PCP sales; ten years probated, $1,000 fine and restitution on both. He certainly looks like a PCP addict in my opinion. Then he lied in his interview at 852 by saying "but we call it THC" and also to Sgt. West at pdf 899:

Q: "Any other brushes with the law?"
A: "Uh, I got into it with the meter reader guy."

.....who let him get away with it, and then got up with NH AG Kelly Ayotte and State Rep Barbara McLeod to protect Floyd (click the 24 June email here with their names all over it), who threatened the Lafayette School staff so bad the State Police had to come in. I'm looking forward to the return on the RSA 91-A info request I just sent to the State Police because they OBVIOUSLY have a file; hope I don't have to add them to the lawsuit jeezlouise. Here's a bit more about Kelly's hero and his threats since he has lived in Easton mind you: one, two.

There is a jackass who goes by the handle of "Doing the Right Thing" over at Topix, but I think "Douching the Wrong Thing" is more apropos. As for the State, hey I'm just glad I used to be an AAG and that I know how to beat them at trial and on appeal in police abuse crime victims cases (Michael Isreal V1996 61481) so that I can help them finish the investigation they never started.

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Christopher King said...

This case just got shrunk in a hurry by tying together the pieces of an intricate puzzle, linked by one other than Sgt. Charles West. Here is a comment to the last post:


Exactly. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Nothing is going to bring these two men back, but the bigger loss is to have our government continue to propagate lies and deception about material facts in this case.

Take a look in the new post at how Sgt. West, Kelly Ayotte and State Rep. Martha McLeod all conspired to protect Floyd and cover up the material lies he made, then consider the detailed bullet hole analysis that Kelly conducted of the McKenzie barn but nothing on the bullet hole that Floyd put in Liko's windshield even though nobody died in the barn or even got shot there.

That's stupid, Kelly. And you're not that stupid so you're covering up your other lie that Floyd talked to Liko before killing him:


Here is what Gregory W. Floyd said:

Page 20/1,000:

"Did you say anything before you fired?"

"No, I didn't"

Here is what Caleb Macaulay said:

Page 11 of official report:
"The man said nothing before he fired."

Page 700: "When I saw that gun I went down like this and that's all I saw and if I did not do that I wouldn't be, I wouldn't be here today."

Page 701: "He did, did he say anything?" "He said nothing. He started shooting."


....which in turn covers up your other lie that Floyd was unarmed when Liko ran into McKay.


And we know Floyd shot the windshield because McKay "never even had his hand on his gun," according to Kelly's email, last large paragraph.

The blood of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay will wash over the souls of the Franconia Selectmen, Kelly Ayotte, Jeffery Strelzin, Russell Conte, Chuck West and any and all other elected or appointed officials who continue to try to keep material facts from the New Hampshire and American Public.

They should be ashamed of themselves.