21 September 2007

KingCast DARES to ask "who's that pallbearer at Bruce McKay's funeral?"

Okay. Here's the video about the Franconia shooting tragedy in which Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay died. Now to the meat of this discussion:

In the trifecta post from 1 June we talked about the cop from the north who chained the boy to his jeep for sex. And I am also aware that Bartlett Police Chief John Snow took a walk of shame in 2004 for boosting more than $30 large from the town coffers; some of it from the DARE program, the same program my buddy Charlie Duffy told me that Barbara Mack-Keeney boosted money from; she was indicted in Grafton Superior. I forgot to check the outcome when I filed the KingCast RSA 91-A lawsuit last week.

Now the same sources who shared that John Snow information that checked out properly also tell me that pallbearer John Garvin took some serious liberties with a DUI suspect while she was in police custody, but I need to verify that so if anyone can help with that the Cause of Justice would be much obliged either way.

BTW my father was a pallbearer for Mother Ann; he never stole money from DARE and no one ever accused him of raping anyone, much less a drunk woman. Nope, he was a straight-shootin' precinct committeeman in Cleveland Heights Ohio, who cared about his community and wanted to keep it clean.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, especially now that I've got that there prep school edgikashun' and journalism experience and a law degree and whatnot. And oh, speaking of straight-shootin' here's what I spotted at a certain shooting range recently, just a-sittin' up-urrhh on a target stand, one and two. I reckon some of the locals find Defendant Ayotte's stance on the Right-to-Know laws to be more than a tad hypocritical.



Anonymous said...

What can I say about the pallbearer? Birds of a feather, flock together.

Christopher King said...


At least I'm proud to be associated with Cecil and Anna Louise!

As to those haters, well.... let's just say my next post is going to be entitled "Don't get it twisted: KingCast is not anti police, KingCast is anti BAD police."


Christopher King said...

Dig this BS from WMUR:

"Investigators say when McKay stopped Kenney a second time a mile up the road, he used pepper spray to subdue him. According to police, that's when Kenney shot the officer four times and the proceeded to run the officer over with his car."

Subdue him?

He was sitting in his car with the seatbelt on and moving his hands to say "stop bashing my car."

And we know Junior Floyd said the he never ran over McKay until AFTER his daddy -- a convicted PCP dealer -- shot the car.

That's why I sued Defendants Ayotte, Franconia and Montminy.

They misrepresented the facts to the public and they did it in a calculated manner that I, as a former AAG, will not tolerate without a fight.

Nor will the Franconia Collective.


Anonymous said...

Subdue him? He was in shock by that point.

Anonymous said...

i hope for yr sake you dont dis the living like you do the dead, sport. As for "subdue"...belted into his CAR...which was RUNNING...which is a WEAPON in most jurisdictions..and the man had already fled the law once...wtf did you expect the officer to do, ask kenny for his WORD that he wouldnt flee again