05 September 2007

KingCast brings out the silver bullet in the Franconia shooting tragedy: The non-existent analysis of Liko Kenney's windshield bullet.

Yeah I like to wait just prior to filing to break out the Good Stuff, so here it is: A total evaluation of one of the bullet holes in the McKenzie property from 5/11 at pdf 951 and 952. Now exactly why, pray tell, does the file not include one of these for Liko's car, considering that a man DIED in that car? I mean, nobody actually DIED inside the McKenzie property.

I'll tell you why not and I'll take it straight from the RSA 91-A Motion for Declaratory Judgment. P. 42 of the Official Report:
"Floyd was unarmed at the time he witnessed Liko Kenney shoot Cpl. McKay and then strike Cpl. McKay with his vehicle."

No he wasn't. Or I suppose that bullet hole in the windshield just majestically got there, huh?

Then there is the matter of the Grafton Dispatch narrative at pp 382 and 391:

"One bald man standing over officer with gun,"
"Bald-headed man with a pistol standing over the officer."

Remember, Floyd is not standing over McKay after Liko hit him so that means he WAS armed before Liko struck him. Duh.

Armed and quite dangerous. Here is part of Attachment 11.

See you in Court, Kelly.


Christopher King said...

Kelly's lies at p. 42 of her own Official Report are just as bald-faced as Floyd's lies and head throughout this case.

I can't wait to see what her explanation is for giving more attention to the side of a damn barn than as to Liko's car.


Christopher King said...

Or, to quote the Motion:

"The undersigned litigant does not see where there was any room for dialogue in this sequence, and of course it is all the more remarkable as will be seen at Attachment 11 that there is clearly an inward bullet hole to Liko’s windshield but no analysis whatsoever, whereas there are six (6) diagrams of a bullet hole to McKenzie’s barn IN WHICH NO ONE DIED.

As a former AAG Plaintiff respectfully asserts that is inexplicable.

Anonymous said...

The dispatch quoted whom? Who saw this?

Christopher King said...

Hold on.

I just printed the pdf pages and will scan them in 5 minutes.

The brief is almost done!!!


Christopher King said...


I have linked the documents to their respective phrases.

See, I'm just as with Attorney X because as a former AAG you know a bogus investigation when you see one.


Anonymous said...

I have been looking at other cases other than the one with Liko and McKay. Let us take a look at the Dartmouth murders of the two professors some time back. We have some of the exact same players at the highest level in the state and as I look at their investigation of that case there is a stark difference - REALLY stark difference in their portrayal of their capacity to investigate a crime scene.

Their actions in the Kenney/McKay/Floyd case have been extremely calculated.

Check out how sharp Kelly Ayottte (she prosecuted it) and Russ Conte (Major Crimes Unit) were in that case - totally different. They know exactly what they are doing.

Christopher King said...

Oh no doubt. That Dartmouth case and this case are polar opposites.

In this case they did a half-assed job, knew their case had all kinds of issues and just hoped it would pass because there ain't but about 1,000 Franconians anyway, and most of them ain't too technically savvy and Liko's friend certainly wouldn't be a lobbyist and no way would a Right-to-Know lawsuit arise and no way would Mark Sisti get involved and no way would the community stand up.

The took a calculated risk and it backfired.

Just like how the guests who came to visit the Zantops knew something was funny when they didn't smell any food, I know something was funny when I walked up to the press galley at the AG's office after they resisted publishing the 2007 video, then gave us the 2003 video, then took and offered no comment at the AG foyer.

Sad thing is, there's nothing funny about it.

My Motion is finally finished tomorrow. Just needs a table of contents, the case citations and final review and it's in the mail this weekend, all 42 pages of it.

And the first short film will appear in a few days as well.

We'll take it from there.


Anonymous said...


Miami Township, OHio -- A police cruiser is shown Wednesday smashed by the backhoe bucket. Miami Township Police Det. Nick Colliver says the person who dropped it on the vehicle had to have experience operating heavy equipment to drive the backhoe about 200 yards to where the cruiser was parked, then drop the bucket squarely on the roof.

Christopher King said...

I'm not laughing at that.