08 September 2007

KingCast automotive trip down memory lane: Dad, Uncle John and the Volvo 140 and 1800 series.

Back in the olden days of Volvo (dig this awesome website) somehow my father got ahold of a late 1967 model 144S; the car was not supposed to premier in the U.S. until 1968 when it replaced the beloved Amazon 122. Come to find out my friend's father owned the dealership but I wouldn't know that because he wasn't my friend until 1973 (flippin' the bird). Anyway, my parent's first whip, a used '63 Mercury Comet had fell the hell apart and couldn't withstand the long commute to work.

My father and uncle had matching blue 142/144's and then matching screaming orange 142/144s in '74 and I'll never forget when Uncle John would come over and I watched the two of them -- just like Big Kids. But back then they weren't really kids with "toys": Very few cars outside of BMW ($$) and Mercedes($$$) had the durability and build quality of a Volvo (Rover, Audi and SAAB fuggitaboutit) and they both DROVE those cars into the ground. The white '84 behind my BMW in this pic ran 300K miles before Dad sold it and the top end never came off that engine once but it rusted away after being in like 3 accidents -- none my fault. I used to walk by it and turn the key just for the hell of it just to hear that ol' dawg fire right up in a split second. Whummm.... Yeah, I bought a '74 142E but BMW/VW/SAAB ended up being more my thing for a while. Gotta' love an old Volvo, though.

As to the 1800 series my friend John Sherwin's dad had one -- an ES sportwagon -- and man we just all couldn't wait to go to John's house because not only did we get to go on the high dive, we got to ride in the 1800!

Too much fun.

PS: Good to hear from you today, Unc. You, Ann, and John-John hang in there and keep on keepin' on, as you know Mother Ann always said :)

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