25 September 2007

KingCast asks why did NH Civil Union sponsor State Rep. Maureen Baxley sign off after reading the Jena 6 post?

Is it true that white gays don't care about black Civil Rights issues straight or gay? I have many friends who have told me that they have seen racism in the GLBi community and so I question why it is today that after I posted on the Jena 6 issue that an openly gay white State Rep who sponsored HB 437, 791 & 905 would ask to be removed from my mailing list. As seen in this post I have always vigorously supported Civil Rights for EVERYBODY regardless of sexual orientation. Governor Lynch -- who does not know how to ride a motorcycle -- doesn't care about them white N*****s up North (read this post) but he sure does care about GLBi Civil Rights. Interesting, n'est-ce pas?

It could of course be a coincidence, but what a coincidence that is and I would hate to think that she would be insensitive to the concerns of the black community because the black community, the GLBi and general communities are all part of the World community. The email correspondence is seen here.

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Christopher King said...

Some people have said I'm not a nice man.

That's not really true; I'm a sweatheart but I do like to ask a lot of questions, especially about our Government.

And it is our Government's job to answer those questions, whether they like it or not.