11 September 2007

KingCast asks "what on Earth is allegedly wrong with Britney Spears' body?"

Sorry folks, but except for that horrible weave (well, and her sorry-assed performance notwithstanding) I see nothing wrong with her. I suppose the rail-thin model mafia would have a hard time appreciating my buddy, former client and current Jet Centerfold Rachel Perry too, but whatever, they are both slammin' duh.

How did I meet Rachel? Through my friend and client Gregory Boatwright, decorated Desert Storm veteran who was told to get back on the phone with an irate customer who had told him "I didn't call in here to argue with no fucking nigger, so turn my service back on now," when he worked at Cellular One/Airtouch/Verizon. Gregory complained to management and they called him a dangerous black man and fired him. So eventually we bought some new whips off of that lunacy.

Then American Tower Corporation did the same to me. Read the Boston Banner Story with Attorney Phillips and me quoted one and two.

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