10 September 2007

KingCast asks just so we keep it clear: What was the approach angle of Shooter Floyd's first bullet to Liko Kenney's windshield and in Caleb's window?

Okay, call me crazy, but again as I noted in this post, proving that Kelly lied at p. 42 of her official report why is there no analysis of this bullet hole but there is of the one in the barn? And why has not one media source that I can find ever discussed this glaring omission? It's like the emperor has no clothes and is riding around on a pink elephant in the kitchen and nobody wants to talk about it. Well it will be about the first issue I raise at the structuring conference and at oral argument so then the media will just about have to cover it then, one would think.

Of course one would think it was flipping obvious that Floyd shot through Caleb Macaulay's window too, but I guess I've gotta' show you the shattered glass on the inside of the car from these crime scene photos as well:


Christopher King said...

The mind boggles. My haters would say "Well King, you're a suspended attorney so there is no bullet hole...."


"You're a suspended attorney so the bullet hole doesn't matter..."


"You're lucky Gregory Floyd didn't shoot your narrow black *ss when you're hanging out up in Franconia..."

To which I concur with only one of the above.

Anonymous said...

Keeping Floyd free is Kelly's punishment for Franconia.

Christopher King said...

No doubt.

I can't wait to see how the Court treats this.

Ummm... no Mr. King you have no point.

Ummmm... Yes Mr. King you do have a point.

I mean, you know it's one or the other, and it doesn't really matter whether I was the worst lawyer in the World in Ohio.

Although I most certainly wasn't, as you can tell by the Motion and my due diligence herein.

What I was, however, was a serious PITA to the government for whom I used to work, and frankly I like things better that way. They can get any knave off the street and fresh out of law school -- as I was for 4 years at the Ohio AG's office -- to do their dirty work but it takes a truly special force to go against that grain and to seek the Truth.

I could never do it alone and I thank everyone who has worked with me on this to expose the Truth, and I also thank those who hate my ever-loving guts because that just pushed me to work harder :)


Charles Duffy said...


That far north in NH you have those and who have and other side.

The Prosecutor of the Plymouth District court looks like he was hired to support the Queens Rule from England.

This is what I see.

This shit would not happen in Boston 200 miles away.

Who is running the government in Northern NH?

I've got a good guess....

Charles Duffy said...

Chris, the glass is broken from the passenger side. What the fuck is going on here.

Now none of it makes any sense.

Just as I suspected.

Charles Duffy said...

If anyone gets in trouble in Northern NH this is a Lawyer warning.

Don't Use John f Boyle of Plymouth NH. He works for they system and not for his client.

Put this up on the bog Chris or are you too scared?

Charles Duffy said...

John F Boyle a lawyer in Plymouth NH. Moved up to that part of MH to hide something.

He was from Arlington Ma.

Ive got some dirt on an email that didn't orginate from the IP out of Plymouth NH.

I wonder if His wife would like to Know?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, You gonna call Duffy on his libel? Or since he is on your side are you gonna let him slur every lawyer and cop up here?

Christopher King said...

Nothing in his posts amounts to libel.

Innuendo, sure. It makes for vivid discussion though, that's certain.

Meanwhile as to Mr. Duffy's credibility, I urge you to run the following word searches:

Duffy + Dunn
Duffy + Barbara Mack Keeney

See whatcha' get.

Christopher King said...

And let me take it a bit deeper than that, in terms of what I say on this blawg:

You have seen me say some seriously offensive comments up in here, especially about Attorney Ayotte and the quote from Carlito's Way.

Did you ever consider the reason why the Government has not sued me is because they're just not quite certain exactly all that I know about this case?


Christopher King said...

Because you better believe I know a whole lot more than I let on here.

Funny some guy at Topix the other day was screaming about how I'm a carnival barker because I don't hold any surprises back from my opponents.

What a joke.

I only make it APPEAR that way.

There are all kinds of trap doors for Kelly and I've set a few of them already. Sisti and them will set theirs soon as well and by the time she walks through that mine field there will be nothing left of her or the State's alleged version of the facts.


Anonymous said...

I haven't Post for a while.

Charles Duffy is back.

To talk about Lt. Foley of the Wenham Police Ma. who dumped is wife off a parking Garage?

I know the family and Foley killed her. The family knows it.

Nice cops for your kids and wife.


Anonymous said...

I love that fact you are a suspended atty.

Most don't know it's a school for the rich.

My grandfather passed the Bar exam without collage degree.

Is this a club?

His brother was the Commander Captain of the first Army.

HE and his men killed more Germans while smoking cigarettes while waiting for Patton's tank division that was six months too late.

Fuck you People go watch CNN.

Anonymous said...


Their are queens aND A bunch of rosy procedures and lawyers connected to the court.

The queens law.

ONE FOR INSTANCE of this is the whore of Plymouth NH COURT,

Most judges need to fire half of them. They know it and are to scared to do anything.

They don't show up for work with a gun. The cops do.

Anonymous said...

I have recently retained the services of Attorney John Boyle as a defense attorney in a case in the Plymouth New Hampshire District Court. I have to say I am impressed with his knowledge and he certainly has always had my best interests at heart. I encourage you to ignore the comments above from Mr. Duffy. There are two sides to every story.

(I am withholding my name for privacy reasons.)

August 28, 2012