05 September 2007

KingCast and Sribd.com: A match made in heaven for Franconia shooting tragedy.

The 95% final RSA 91-A Motion for declaratory judgment is hosted here at scribd.com. I've always been waiting for the technology to allow people to place documents on line without the pdf hassle and in such a way that it would carry the hotlinks, footnotes and formatting over. Well now we as a World Public have that technology available for free, based on Macromedia Flash Paper 2 as noted in Dossy's blog. Short for dossier??? Have fun with the links in the Motion. Most of them go straight to documents and some go to the blawg. I bet NH AG Kelly Ayotte, who has written me to extol the virtues of the Right-to-Know law, is ecstatic over the fact that Liko's death could bring about such a dynamic document that can help her (and the World) track the rest of her career!

Here's the final.

You see, Kelly I just can't deal too well with you giving a dangerous, threatening and lying PCP felon a pass in one day for murdering my one brother and then criminally menacing another. But then you've already proved you don't care about Floyd's criminal menacing charges on another occasion when you told me you had no response regaring this internal email.

Newbies read this detailed bullet analysis of a damn barn but no analysis of a bullet that ripped into Liko's windshield. Funny, nobody DIED in the barn though. Talk about masters of deflection. Fortunately as a former AAG who has won victories getting his client adjudicated to be a victim of crime Case No. V1996-61481 at the hands of the police, I saw right through it all, and so will you.

Oh yeah: Say "srcibed" I didn't get it the first couple of days either =^.)

PS: Topix is bubbling with energy on this case.


Christopher King said...

Here is my argument on Police Personnel Files:

V. Model policy Appendix A.

“Defendant shall be ordered to provide a copy of Bruce McKay's entire personnel file for review and inspection by KingCast and any and all other members of the media. Plaintiff will identify the documents he wants to reproduce to the general public. If there are documents that Defendant believes are actually protected by privacy concerns they will mark such documents and the parties will visit the matter on the Court, which will maintain jurisdiction. Should Plaintiff in the interim (or subsequently if the Court sustains the objection) post any information that came exclusively from those sequestered documents, it shall be criminal contempt of the Court.

The sequestered documents need not leave custody of counsel for the State, and any medical issues pertaining to family members that are linked only by way of genetics, or that clearly have no relation to the officer’s ability to function shall not be sought for publication.”

This Court has the authority to decide that any existing law that blanketly prohibits disclosure of medical information relative to the performance of a police officer’s job, such as psychological evaluations or profiles, is inimical to the public’s Right-to-Know.

Christopher King said...

This too, is important:

7. Plaintiff seeks a finding that Defendant Ayotte’s response to the Attorney X on the issues of (a) whether McKay had touched his gun, and (b) whether the witness statements were "all consistent in describing Mr. Floyd’s actions (including the passenger in Mr. Kenney’s car)” were violative of RSA 91-A because of lack of probable cause to issue such statement (a) or because such statement was incorrect (b).

Christopher King said...

From 16 May:

I grew up in that area, and I can say that folks always had problems with cops in many towns in the north country--particularly the young people. I knew a different cop that would stop me on the rural back roads just to harrass me, hand on his gun the whole time, and I am a petite woman. Yet that doesn't mean a cop should be killed, not at all. The situation with Floyd (he lives in the actual town I am from) is strange to city dwellers but not to me. I'm not saying it's right, but it's not unexpected as I remember the kind of law that is practiced in northern New Hampshire. I wouldn't be surprised if they never open up the Floyd case again. He must be friends with someone.
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