16 September 2007

Dale Jr. and KingCast rock Franconia for the cover up of the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Parody part: We did not get a chance to meet with Mr. Earnhardt.

Non-Parody part: My father got a chance to meet with Roger Penske all the time back in the Day (late 50's/early 60's), when he worked with my eventual friend's father, Dr. Breslau. That story however is not for this blawg.... but Stouffer Pizza, and the hotel sure are good. Do your homework.

Non-Parody part: Them Alison boys were neighbors of mine back in Va. Beach. A great bunch of guys, when they started their Busch series car the 'hood just SHAKED!! They used to love to watch me light 'em up in the itty-bitty BMW (a '74 2002tii) when I left their gate for the quick trip home after we would drink beers, talk about old school NASCAR, Formula 1, and whatever else we felt like talkin' 'bout. Cool folks, we would get up from time to time. That's what they say down South for hang out, "Get up." I love it. The trip home was about 1,000 feet with the possibility of just as many police officers on the way, though :)

Speaking of racin' I've never done it professionally, but my house mate Lajos Silberstein was Daytona 200 winner Dave Sadowski's mechanic and yeah I used to help him on his projects and have been lucky enough to drive some of the finest machines out there, cars, bikes, whatever. They're just inanimate objects at the end of the day, though. So yeah, to the anonymice over at Nashua forums, I've owned close to a dozen bikes and have ridden GP-shift high end bikes and stuff like No Big Deal. Set me on an enduro or a dirt bike and I'm okay in the dirt, too. So to you, as Eddie Kendricks would say, "Keep on truckin' trollin' baby."

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