23 August 2007

NH AG Kelly Ayotte and KingCast to sign joint stipulation on new RSA 91-A email production law in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Parody for now, but why not?

She agreed to provide all emails to and from her office bearing the names of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay. Well it would seem to me that if the AG's have a closed investigation and coughed up the emails, then Kelly should want to agree with me before trial that basically all emails to and from public agencies are a matter of public record unless there is some sort of actual pending criminal investigation. Then she could just sign it into Law later, saving NH taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in legislative fees and all of that. Because right now the law is potentially unclear. Here is a repository of email Right-to-Know law in NH.

Tomorrow I send her a draft Joint Stip with a request for immediate comment and you will see what happens as it occurs. All public record, you know.

Yes as a kid I was one massive PITA. Apparently it was appropriate training for addressing the government.


Anonymous said...

Chris does not fear death. Death fears Chris.

-Oliver Ruff

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...(previous post)

Mr. King,

It appears that most of the questions brought up by your motions would be cleared up or brought to light when Caleb McCaulley is tried for the role he played in Cpl. McKays murder.

Caleb has not been charged with any crime in the death of Bruce McKay. If Caleb chose to he could most likely have a pretty good case against Floyd with reckless endangerment.

After all, Caleb did live with Liko and drove to work with him and the gun daily. In light of the fact that because of the concealed weapon in Liko's vehicle and the fact that Caleb knew of the gun's presence, or the possibility of it...

Again, Caleb has been charged with no crime but going on your thought process....That would leave a pretty big range for the law to go after ALL passengers in a vehicle when a possible crime is committed. How about if the passenger were a child? How about a wife? They would all live in the same household. Would you look at it differently if the passenger were in the back seat? Caleb lived with Liko for two months...what about one month? would that change it?

How about drunk driving and another motorist is killed? Everyone in the car should be charged because well, they knew the person drank but didn't know they were drinking that particular day but knew they sometimes drank and drove the car? They should have been able to detect it if they lived with the person for two months? How about the longer you live with someone, the greater your responsibility? Doesn't make much sense.

You are saying that Caleb, that worked with Liko ALL day and saw him in a very happy mood....planned to see friends for the evening, should have made some sort of judgment call as to whether he should get in the car if Liko's gun was there? Maybe Caleb had an obligation to check under the seat? Caleb said, he knew he sometimes carried it but not always, sounds like he assured Caleb that he kept the clip separate. I am sure Caleb had no awareness of whether he had a permit to carry or not. Is Caleb responsible for knowing if Liko had the legal right to carry the weapon?

Based on what you are saying no one would EVER even dare to get in the car with another driver without asking a long list of questions and documented proof to back up all of the answers.

why not let this come out in court during Caleb's trial for his part in the Capital Murder of Cpl. McKay?

Caleb was never charged with anything. Where will this fictitious trial take place?

I'm sure your attorney would agree that any and all discrepancies would be brought up by Caleb's attorney during trial. Doing this would greatly save the tax payers the cost of this motion.

Chris does not have an attorney. Caleb has no need for an attorney unless he files a case against the state. If the AG put forth ALL information under the right to know law there would be no cost to the taxpayer. The AG has caused this to happen by withholding and deception.

Christopher King said...

It's All Good.

Let's see what happens when all of the Senators read this letter.


John said...

I am confused as to what and how Caleb could be charged. The gun was not concealed according to Caleb and to his knowledge it was not loaded. In fact, he has good reason to believe it was not loaded and if it is on the floor of the car in plain site unloaded, that is legal.

HOWEVER, I am unfamiliar with NH law speficially but normally unloaded would mean the bullets are not with the gun or in the immediate area. i.e. you can not easily load the gun and they would need to be in seperate locations or have the bullets locked in the glove compartment.

I am all for gun control but find it insane the government has chose to enforce the constitution by saying you can carry a gun in plain site as long as that gun is unable to be used (no bullets) instead of simply changing the constitution to reflect the times. Oh yes but Bush would have no problem changing it to limit people's freedoms such as with gays, marriage and buring the flag. However something as life saving as gun control would never happen. If the actually did obey the constitution we should all be able to have nukes as it was meant in part to be able to put the people on an equal level to fight an out of control government but I digress...

So, my point is the only law Caleb possibly broke was his ignorance to know his friend might have been breaking the law ... my guess a misdemenor up there too but absolutely no way anywhere in this country could a jurry believe he could have forseen the events of that day unfold the way they did ... for that matter neithe could Liko and he would have never been charged with premeditated murder as the moments earlier he was going home for jello shots and seconds earlier he was pulling over and in shock that his car was being rammed ... he acted in the heat of emotion with not forethought.

Christopher King said...



We all know that the elements of murder are not there as from Liko to McKay.

And we all know that there is nothing on Calebe for his nonparticipation OTHER THAN TO CALL TO FLOYD FOR A WITNESS.

Anyway, this case is really all about what they want to keep out of the light about McKay and Floyd.

They've already had their 6-week dalliance with Liko and the Right-to-Know and now it is our turn.

No worries.