13 August 2007

Marty Dunn no match for Bruce McKay in this evening's quick filler post on Franconia shooting tragedy.

From a recent post, I just responded:

Look not many people are ready, willing and able to stand up to a cop, especially one who goes around holding his gun and telling folks he's gonna do whatever it takes to get you to leave.

Think about how NASTY that really is.

Hell for me to go up against Marty Dunn was child's play next to that. As much of an ass as Marty was, I NEVER heard stories like that about him I can say that.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I could have rocked Marty in a fistfight, but Bruce? He was a Big Guy. You make one mistake and he's GOTCHA.

And if he doesn't, Shooter Floyd would prolly happenstance his ass on down for backup so they could work a brother over like this here:


Christopher King said...

BTW for you newbies, the reason I wrote "GOTCHA" is because that was McKay's vanity license plate, as noted in John Sedgwick's Boston Magazine story.

Funny, mine was "CIVL RTS."

In the end, my plate is better than his, so I'll Getcha' with THAT.

Anonymous said...

How did Sedgwick scoop you on an important piece of info like this?

Christopher King said...

Maybe he knew about that license plate but I know a whole lot that he didn't such as the Civil Rights violations found by Judge Cyr.

Methinks THAT's a lil' more important than the vanity plate, and so too is the Right-to-Know litigation.

Also, I may be incorrect but I'll betcha' that John Sedgwick and Boston Magazine have just a LITTLE more money than I do.


Anonymous said...

They earn it. Namaste.

Anonymous said...

You could have "rocked Chief Dunn in a fist fight?" Who you kidding fantsissy boy? Dunn is 10 years older then you, but he will still crack your bone head like a coconut. Get real sicko.

Christopher King said...

Hey I'm a lover not a fighter, and I think Dunn's style would have been to have some prison boys work me over, as he laughed about in his deposition.

Yeah I bet Marty would have loved the opportunity but he would need a small army to beat my ass.

Later hater.