19 August 2007

KingCast watches as racism rears its ugly head on this blawg, relative to Bruce McKay's penis-shaped knife and Ms. B's unanswered complaint.

Note: This image is lifted from a Leonard Peltier website (ironically out of Manchester, NH) and I have been waiting to use it for a while here and some hater has now given me the privilege of so doing. I explain my connection with the Leonard Peltier Pine Ridge story in further detail in the comments.

Now then, in the recent post containing the Concord Monitor editorial "McKay file sheds light on why officer died" the following colloquy ensued when some hater implied that Bruce Mckay's "TERRORIZED" DUI "suspect" who faced a penis-shaped knife to her labia was actually drunk, in spite of the fact that Judge Cyr expressly found otherwise and was clearly annoyed with McKay because you can make probable cause on anyone on a slippery snowy road. Read the comments for the initial racist comments; this is my response:


It's okay Lifer.

You know me and you know better.

She didn't "stall" anything. She pulled over at the very first lighted driveway and it was snowing and Brucie had her up on one foot in the damn snow and she's wearing heels and whatnot.

The State tried the exact same thing in the rain on a chilly April Fool's day in 1996 to Michael Isreal, who also WAS NOT DRUNK, and two years later they paid us about $60 large for that.

Then I got Michael adjudicated to be a Victim on Crime at the hands of Officers Hensley and Rhodes. To our knowledge it was the first time for such an event. I think I'll call Ohio to get a copy of that decision tomorrow.

Just the facts.

Just the law.

Related post: Terry Gilbert client Sam Reese Shepard stops by for a visit to discuss KingCast coverage of the NH Death Penalty.


Christopher King said...

If she was not drunk she would have taken the test instead of using stalling tactic. McKay had probably cause to arrest her for DWI. He just could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt she was impaired. So don't blame her loss of license on McKay. If you are not impaired you will take the test you will not stall you will want to prove your innocence.

Uead my brain is dead, again going with the elementary school comebacks. You really toasted me on that one, no you not you are brain dead. Your wit is incredible. No comment about you not taking ownership of you own misconduct. Like most african american's still blaming the system, and thinking the world owes you for something. Grow up and be a man you screwed up take responsiblity for it. ONce you do you might be able to move on.

By Anonymous, at 3:50 AM


Like most african american's still blaming the system, and thinking the world owes you for something.

Nice...and now we know that your issue with Mr. King is race.
By Lifer, at 4:13 AM

Christopher King said...

See, my former boss Terry Gilbert was the keynote speaker when he screened Robert Redford's "Incident at Oglala" in Cleveland Heights.

Through him I met Bill Kunstler and all of that, and I was privileged enough to have him help me on a couple of cases when I left the Ohio AG's office in 1995, just before he died.

Anyway, Terry was with Bill back when it all went down, and this is what he has to say about me. He also appears in the KingCast short film "American Lawyer One" with his wife Robin.

Oglala/Pine Ridge one of the most gut-wrenching, divisive Civil Rights cases the United States has ever seen, and involves the presence of government GOON squads and COINTELPRO and ALL of THAT.

So when someone questioned me about how could I dare think there just might be a cover up in the backwoods of New Hampshire, I just smiled and said "That ain't nothin.'"

Christopher King said...

Oh, and to address the Huckster once and for all:

I told him what the $500 was for; here's the email.

I am almost POSITIVE I forwarded this to him after I sent it to Attorney X. I didn't misrepresent anything to Attorney X so why would I do so with Attorney X?

Answer: I didn't.